56 Facts About Kalibak


Kalibak is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.

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Kalibak is the eldest son of Darkseid, the half-brother of Orion and Grayven, and an enemy of Superman and the Justice League.

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Kalibak is originally and recurrently depicted as the brutish son of Darkseid commonly seeking affection of his father who he had a tragic childhood with.

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Kalibak is depicted as second in command as leader of Apokolips and rival to another of Darkseid' son, Orion.

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Kalibak's name is derived from the William Shakespeare character name Caliban, the half-man from The Tempest.

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Kalibak becomes a legendary warrior, and often serves as Darkseid's second-in-command.

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Kalibak is often pitted against Orion, and after numerous clashes they learned that they were half-brothers.

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At one point, Kalibak is desperate enough to confront Orion without Darkseid's consent.

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Kalibak's scheme fell apart and he kills his accomplice Desaad, a servant of Darkseid, to cover his tracks.

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Kalibak later spends some time in an Apokolips prison, on Darkseid's orders.

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Kalibak is swiftly subdued, but does not care much as Orion leaves to battle Darkseid and Kalibak hopes to gain power as a result.

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Kalibak is slain by his uncle Infinity-Man, who has been murdering the residents of Apokolips and New Genesis as an agent of the Source Wall in Death of the New Gods.

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In Final Crisis the new Fifth World and human version of Kalibak appears alongside Darkseid seemingly reborn in a new form alongside his father and a human Kanto.

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Kalibak leads a regiment of tiger soldiers against the heroes in Bludhaven, but he is killed in combat with Tawky Tawny.

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Kalibak does have a problem with slaying Apokolips soldiers that literally get in the way between him and the enemy.

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Kalibak possesses high levels of superhuman strength, endurance, and durability.

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Kalibak is a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant known on Apokolips for his savagery.

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Kalibak is armed with a Beta-Club, a weapon that fires force bolts or nerve beams that causes living beings agonizing pain beyond comprehension.

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Physically, Kalibak is one of the strongest gods on Apokolips, and the most loyal to Darkseid.

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Kalibak possesses incredible levels of superhuman strength almost on par with Superman, Orion, and even Darkseid himself.

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When Kalibak states that he is a god, Superman states that he does not care and kills Kalibak.

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Kalibak was brought up as a wealthy jet-setting playgirl, despite being trained by a father who had worked with Chinese guerrilla forces.

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Kalibak married one of these soldiers, Slade Wilson, after he had a near death experience.

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Kalibak taught Kate how to box when she was a teenager, accompanied her to R-Day at West Point when she was an incoming freshman, and is implied to have given Kate ringside coaching during an academy championship boxing match that helped her win the fight.

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Kalibak seizes chemical weapons from the base and intends to kill everyone in the city by dispersing them from an aircraft.

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Kalibak was raised by her strict mother and grandmother, which led to her having a rebellious youth.

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Kalibak wasn't allowed to raise her child – even the naming was done by her grandmother.

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Kalibak's death was a direct cause of Gerald's obsession with "curing" himself and his son of fear.

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Kalibak appears as hallucination in "The Scarecrow" as a woman in flame as Gerald tries to conquer his greatest fear.

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Kalibak launched the satellite, which was only defeated by Mister Miracle because he was used to New God technology.

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Kalibak was a frequent collaborator of Intergang in their fight against Superman.

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Kalibak is the leader of a criminal group called the Cobra Gang.

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Kalibak was later hired by Ra's al Ghul to train members of the League of Assassins in ninjutsu such as the Bronze Tiger, Bruce and Kyodai Ken.

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Kalibak was created by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino.

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Kalibak attempted to kill her but, ultimately, she killed him with an arrow shot through his heart.

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Kalibak was working to create an army of androids to take over Earth, resulting in his nephew and Dan Garrett investigating and foiling his ambitions, but Jarvis killed the original Blue Beetle and himself during their battle which inspired the second Blue Beetle.

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Kalibak was having the metahuman cure bullets be made causing Joe to resign from the CCPD.

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Kalibak just warned her to stay away and she didn't realize what was about to happen.

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Kalibak has blamed herself ever since and is asking Joe to help her track Adam down.

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Kalibak is still trying to get control of her abilities like when she unintentionally copied a barista's heat abilities which warmed her ice coffee.

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Kalibak could absorb Kryptonite energy, which gave him increased strength and abilities.

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Kalibak favored dying in deep space to rotting in jail, with the added bonus of a 10,000 to 1 chance of surviving the test.

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Kalibak was loaded in the satellite together with a laboratory dog, and the satellite was shot into deep space, never to return.

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Kalibak had been the ruler of a race of humanoids who inhabited Krypton eons before Superman's ancestors.

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Kalibak is then placed in suspended animation for what is to be 20 years, at which time, he will awaken to determine if the planet is habitable .

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Kalibak eventually became dependent upon these energies to sustain his life at all times, weakening outside of its influence.

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Kalibak was released shortly afterwards by General Sam Lane who believed he was needed as a countermeasure to keep Superman in check.

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Kalibak's subsequent activities are unknown, but a version of him from the near future was a member of the Anti-Superman Army.

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Kalibak was seen alongside two people with similar powers as part of a group called the "K-Men".

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Kalibak subsequently kills his mother in the attack on the El compound, but Kal-El is able to defeat his brother when he expends too much of his energy.

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Kalibak is a ninja trained under Sensei, who trained deadly martial artists like Bronze Tiger, Batman, Lady Shiva, etc.

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Kalibak's boastfulness was put in check by Yoru, who proceeded to floor Kyodai with advanced moves, warning that there is always someone better and that a good martial artist is ethical and respectful to others.

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Kalibak began by committing several stings of corporate sabotage on seven Wayne Industries branches.

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Kalibak kidnapped Bruce and indirectly, Summer Gleeson after a Gotham Charities Reception.

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Kalibak kidnapped Yoru's student Kairi and blackmailed her into giving him the location of the hidden scrolls containing the technique instructions.

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Kalibak kidnapped Alfred Pennyworth and lured Bruce to Mount Kajiiki for a final showdown, when Bruce discovered his hideout.

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