11 Facts About Infinity-Man


Infinity-Man is a fictional character appearing in DC Comics, in the Fourth World storyline.

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Infinity-Man's story begins with Astorr, a powerful warrior from another planet, who rescued the badly burned Drax and nursed him back to health.

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Whenever Infinity-Man is needed, the Forever People grant him special powers by touching the mother boxes and reciting the word "Taaru".

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In one story, Darkseid believes Infinity-Man to be a threat and places him in another dimension.

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Infinity-Man makes a temporary home on a planet called Adon until the Forever People free him from this prison.

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In DC's year-long weekly publications, Countdown to Final Crisis, and the monthly title, Death of the New Gods, Infinity-Man is suspected by Superman, Mr Miracle, and Orion to be the mysterious killer behind the recent deaths of the New Gods.

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Later, it is revealed that Infinity-Man, posing as Himon, is, in fact, the killer of the New Gods.

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Infinity-Man poses as Himon to avoid detection, to collect the dead gods' souls in a second Source Wall which surrounds the original one, and to prevent the slain gods from reuniting with the Source.

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Infinity-Man pushes Mister Miracle into battle, duping him into blasting away the Second Wall, and letting the Source and the Anti-Life reunite.

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Infinity-Man desperately tries to console his quarry that his fight is not with them and that he can heal the real mastermind behind all that's happening to set creation back on track.

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Infinity-Man has seemingly limitless strength and endurance, invulnerability, flight, ability to "phase" through matter, vast energy and matter manipulation, magnetic powers, and Infinity-Beams.

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