41 Facts About Lady Shiva


Lady Shiva is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Lady Shiva is a martial arts grandmaster and one of the most skilled combatants in the DC Universe.

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Lady Shiva was born in a shanty town, in an unknown country, and raised to be a warrior and protector of the village.

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Lady Shiva ends the fight after only a few moves, and confirms her own suspicions of a "warrior's passion" in him, because he was willing to fight her even after his previous, crushing defeat.

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Lady Shiva intends to keep a promise to his wife, and be buried alongside her, but his wife's family had hidden her remains to punish him for abandoning her.

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Reluctant to acknowledge the O-Sensei's death wish, Lady Shiva expresses her ambivalence both verbally and physically, unnecessarily applying deadly force in battles with O-Sensei's assailants.

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Lady Shiva kills the men, who had been after a fortune in embezzled funds stored in Hatch's abandoned home, and sets fire to the money.

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Lady Shiva explains that though the Question and his friends wished to leave, it is a fit place for her to go toward.

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Lady Shiva continues to work as a mercenary for money, challenge, and perfection of her skills.

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Lady Shiva warns him that they would meet again, to which Batman simply replies "Too bad".

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Later, Lady Shiva begins to track down those who referred to themselves as Shihan, "Master", or any other title proclaiming mastery of a martial arts form.

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Lady Shiva would learn what she could from them and, depending on their skill and personal whim, kill them when they were of no further use to her.

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Lady Shiva sees potential in Drake, and takes him on as a student for a few weeks.

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Lady Shiva then makes Batman wear the mask while performing training missions.

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Lady Shiva is then ambushed by the master's students, who mistake him for the "Tengu Mask warrior".

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Lady Shiva later discovers the truth, but does not seek vengeance.

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Lady Shiva relents, warning Robin that this use of her favor means she would challenge and kill him when he grew older.

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Lady Shiva pays them little attention, occasionally using them as lackeys or killing them when it suits her whims.

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Lady Shiva reappears to fight Batgirl at the Forum of The Twelve Caesars, and kills her in combat.

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In Gail Simone's Birds of Prey series, during a joint hunt with Black Canary for the murderer of a shared, beloved sensei, a sensei Lady Shiva so respected that she has vowed to never use anything he taught her in a fight where her goal was the death of her opponent, Lady Shiva is beaten and kidnapped by supervillain Cheshire.

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Lady Shiva subsequently offers to share her knowledge with Black Canary, who takes her offer under consideration.

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Cassandra begins to suspect that Lady Shiva is her mother, but cannot provoke Cain into an admission.

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Lady Shiva embarks on a search for Shiva, eventually finding her as the new sensei of the League of Assassins under the leadership of Nyssa Raatko, Ra's al Ghul's eldest daughter.

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Lady Shiva decides to resurrect Cassandra in a Lazarus Pit to reveal the truth of her heritage, and fight her once more.

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On reviving her, Lady Shiva admits that the reason she agreed to give birth was that she hoped her child would be the one to kill her.

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Lady Shiva appears ready to place Shiva in the Lazarus Pit, but Shiva pleads with her not to do so.

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Lady Shiva continues to perform solo work, and visits Robin to assist him in discovering the truth behind Batgirl's recent disappearance and recent upheaval within the League of Assassins.

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Lady Shiva refuses to allow herself or Oracle's team to be involved, and instead trusts her former pupil to handle the situation.

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Lady Shiva believes that his files on her would be out of date, and that she would be able to defeat her "old self".

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Lady Shiva seems unconcerned about the skills of the other 29 fighters, and apparently decides to attack Prometheus head-on.

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Prometheus has more up-to-date files than Lady Shiva suspected, and in three seconds knocks her to the ground.

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Still, although Lady Shiva is no longer an active member of the Birds of Prey, she continues to be protective of her former teammates.

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However, Lady Shiva realizes that the Black Lanterns feed on human emotion, and cuts herself off from all feeling through the use of meditation, rendering her invisible to Sage.

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Lady Shiva is later revealed to be a League of Assassins member who taught Red Hood along with Bronze Tiger.

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Lady Shiva had taken Ra's' secret League of Shadows with her, and was responsible for multiple attacks across the city and attacks on the anti-League military squad, the Colony.

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Lady Shiva has no superpowers, but she is regarded as one of the best assassins and martial artists on the planet.

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Lady Shiva is known to have mastered numerous martial arts, including kung fu, judo, jujutsu, wing chun, capoeira, savate, karate, aikido, kobudo, taekwondo and eskrima.

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Lady Shiva is able to read people's movements through their body language, predicting their movements beforehand.

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Lady Shiva is able to hold her own against multiple opponents.

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Lady Shiva is commonly seen as the world's foremost martial artist, as powerful as Richard Dragon and Batman.

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Lady Shiva has been noted as having some respect for her old teachers; when she and Black Canary learned that they had each studied under Sensei Otomo, Shiva noted that, out of respect for Otomo's preference not to kill his opponents, she never uses the skills he taught her in fights where her goal is the death of her enemies.

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