18 Facts About Black Canary


Black Canary is the name of two superheroines appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics: Dinah Drake and her daughter Dinah Laurel Lance.

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One of DC's earliest superheroines, the title Black Canary has appeared in many of the company's flagship team-up titles, including Justice Society of America and Justice League of America.

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Black Canary's appeared as a character in a back-up story featuring "Johnny Thunder":.

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At her Golden Age debut, the Black Canary was the alter ego of Dinah Drake and participated in crime-fighting adventures with her love interest, Gotham City detective Larry Lance.

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When DC Comics adjusted its continuity, the Black Canary was established as two separate entities: mother and daughter, Dinah Drake-Lance and Dinah Laurel Lance.

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Stories since the Silver Age focused on the younger Black Canary, ascribing her superhuman abilities to a genetic mutation.

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The mind-transplant story of 1983 was discarded; in this version of the story, the present-day Black Canary is Dinah Laurel Lance, who inherits the identity from her mother, Dinah Drake-Lance.

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Black Canary's becomes a costumed vigilante, using her inheritance to open a flower shop as her day job.

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Black Canary's has been trained by other top-tier fighters, such as Wildcat, Lady Shiva, Cassandra Cain, and Wonder Woman, as well as having bested Batman from time to time in hand-to-hand combat.

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Black Canary's is an excellent leader and tactician, having served as the field commander of the Birds of Prey and the leader of the Justice League and League of Assassins for a time.

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Black Canary is ranked the 71st-greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard, and IGN rated her its 81st-greatest all-time comic book hero.

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Black Canary has appeared in live-action and animated adaptations of DC properties and video games based on comic books.

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Black Canary's appears in several episodes, including several season premieres and finales.

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Dinah Drake version of the Black Canary makes a cameo in DC Super Hero Girls, graduating from Super Hero High.

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Dinah Lance version of the Black Canary is portrayed by Jurnee Smollett in the DC Extended Universe.

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In DC Universe Online, the Black Canary is a non-playable character voiced by Kelley Huston.

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The Black Canary made her debut as a playable character in the 2017 game Injustice 2, with Vanessa Marshall having reprised her role from Young Justice.

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In 2016, DC Comics released a three-track musical album called EP 1 to promote the comic book, in which the Black Canary becomes the lead singer of a band that shares her name.

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