44 Facts About Alfred Pennyworth


Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, most commonly in association with the superhero Batman.

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Alfred Pennyworth is depicted as Bruce Wayne's loyal and tireless butler, legal guardian, best friend, aide-de-camp, and surrogate father figure following the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

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Evidence suggests that Alfred Pennyworth was created by the writers of the 1943 Batman serial—Victor McLeod, Leslie Swabacker, and Harry Fraser—and that DC Comics asked Don Cameron to write the first Alfred Pennyworth story, which was published prior to the serial's release.

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Alfred Pennyworth was originally conceived as a comedic foil for Batman and Robin; he spoke with a Cockney accent, and simply arrived on Wayne Manor's doorstep to announce that he was beginning his duties.

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The stories followed a simple formula, with Alfred Pennyworth solving a crime and catching the culprits entirely by accident.

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Since then, Alfred Pennyworth cheerfully included the support staff duties of the Dynamic Duo on top of his regular tasks.

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Alfred Pennyworth was later reunited with his long-lost daughter, Julia Remarque, though this element was not included in Post-Crisis comics.

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Alfred Pennyworth'smother was the war heroine Mademoiselle Marie, whom Alfred had met while working as an intelligence agent in occupied France during World War II.

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Alfred Pennyworth's history has been modified several times over the years, creating assorted versions.

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In one such version, Alfred Pennyworth was hired away from the British Royal Family by Bruce's parents, and he virtually raised Bruce after they were murdered.

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Alfred Pennyworth teaches Bruce to outsmart the bully, rather than using brute force.

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Alfred Pennyworth has been romantically linked to Dr Leslie Thompkins, a Wayne family friend who is aware of Bruce's secret identity.

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When Bane breaks Batman's back, Alfred Pennyworth tries to treat the injury, but Batman remains paraplegic and a wheelchair user.

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Alfred Pennyworth even uses hand-to-hand combat in a rare one-panel fight sequence between him and a pair of slavers that ends with his rescue by Batman.

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Alfred Pennyworth later denies the entire story, agreeing with Bruce that it was a fabrication.

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Later, a secret panel in Alfred Pennyworth's room opens, the result of a fail-safe planted by Bruce in the event of his death.

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Alfred Pennyworth is left emotionally shattered, commenting more than once that, even if his biological fatherhood is a fabrication, in a deeper sense he actually was Bruce Wayne's father, having watched over him for years and feeling he failed him in the last moments.

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Batman: Battle for the Cowl sees Alfred Pennyworth allowing Damian to take on his first mission as Robin, giving Damian a Robin tunic and calling on the Squire to assist the new Boy Wonder in finding Tim Drake, who went missing hunting down Jason Todd.

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Julia is initially hostile to Alfred Pennyworth, feeling that he has wasted his life going from a soldier to tending to a "fop" like Bruce Wayne.

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However, after Alfred Pennyworth is attacked by Hush and infected with a fear toxin, she discovers the Batcave and takes on her father's role to coordinate the Bat-Family's efforts against their foes.

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Alfred Pennyworth is briefly transferred to Arkham Asylum before it is attacked as part of the conspiracy, but he manages to survive the explosion and trick Bane into helping him reach an emergency cave Batman had installed under Arkham, the cave's defenses knocking Bane out and allowing Alfred Pennyworth to call for help.

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However, he was swiftly returned to captivity when Alfred Pennyworth escaped the cell and knocked Hush out, Alfred Pennyworth harshly informing Tommy that he was hardly going to be locked up in his own home.

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Julia confirms to Bruce later in the issue that Alfred Pennyworth survived the encounter and is in a stable condition.

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However Alfred Pennyworth refuses, stating that with Bruce dead, he no longer has need of it as he has no one left to serve.

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Alfred Pennyworth did this so that, after years of service to the people of Gotham and the world, Bruce could finally accept his reward of a life without pain and the burning desire to be Batman, allowing his life as Bruce Wayne to finally begin.

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Bruce's original plan was for the machine to be used to create a series of clones of himself that could be programmed to continue his mission, but although the process failed because simulations confirmed that the human mind could not handle Batman's trauma, Bruce comes through the process by having Alfred Pennyworth take him to the point of brain-death and then download his memories onto his blank brain.

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Alfred Pennyworth soon cancelled the hit after realizing that committing cold-blooded murder would betray Batman's ideals.

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At Thomas' behest, Bane breaks Alfred Pennyworth's neck, killing him after Robin sneaks into Gotham City to rescue him and defeat Bane.

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Alfred Pennyworth has used the alias "Thaddeus Crane", which is derived from his middle names.

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Current issues of the various Batman comics seem to indicate that Alfred is a pioneer in and has mastered several fields of rose breeding, computer programming, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, and biotechnology as he singlehandedly builds, programs, and maintains much of Batman's next-generational technology such as the Batcomputer.

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In Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, Alfred Pennyworth is a tougher individual with a different backstory.

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Alfred Pennyworth is seen, shirtless and muscled, applying a tourniquet and generally taking control of the situation.

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At the story's conclusion, having set Wayne Manor to self-destruct to protect Bruce Wayne's full secrets after his faked death during his fight with Superman, Alfred Pennyworth dies of a stroke, his last thoughts being to consider how utterly proper it is that he should die as Wayne Manor ceases to exist.

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Alfred Pennyworth appears as a main character in Geoff Johns' and Gary Frank's Batman: Earth One.

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Alfred Pennyworth met Thomas Wayne during a tour of duty in the Middle East and the two became good friends.

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Afraid for his friend after hearing of the death threats on his life, Alfred Pennyworth tried to talk Thomas out of going to the movies with his wife and son, but Thomas refused to allow threats to keep him from enjoying his weekly movie night with Martha and Bruce.

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Unsure of himself, Alfred Pennyworth still made it his mission to look out for Bruce as he grew up.

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When Bruce took on his costumed persona of Batman and began his war on crime, Alfred Pennyworth reluctantly took on the role of confidante and advisor, often telling Bruce to simply carry a gun instead of a belt full of untested gadgets.

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Alfred Pennyworth takes Bruce to the Tower of Fate, where Zatanna and Doctor Fate are hiding and will heal Bruce.

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Alfred Pennyworth'sdeath pushes Batman out of hiding to confront Zsasz and Damian killing Zsasz out of revenge.

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Alfred Pennyworth makes a very brief appearance in the 1997 Tangent Comics one-shot issue Green Lantern in a story revolving around the Tangent versions of King Faraday and Roy Raymond.

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Alfred Pennyworth appears in Tiny Titans, and often has to make Robin stand in the corner because he has misbehaved.

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Alfred Pennyworth is a supporting character in the Batman: Arkham franchise, in which he is voiced by Martin Jarvis in the main series and Hugh Fraser in the VR game.

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Alfred Pennyworth appears in both Batman: The Telltale Series and its sequel Batman: The Enemy Within, voiced by Enn Reitel.

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