23 Facts About Leslie Thompkins


Leslie Maurin Thompkins is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, usually as a supporting character in stories featuring Batman, of whom she is an ally.

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Leslie Thompkins debuted in-live action in 2015 on Fox's television series Gotham, where she was portrayed by Morena Baccarin.

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Close friend and medical colleague of Thomas Wayne, Leslie serves as a surrogate parent to his son Bruce after his parents are murdered, and later becomes a confidant in his crusade as Batman.

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However, Leslie Thompkins has no idea he is the boy she had helped decades before.

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In later years, Leslie Thompkins is portrayed as having been a close friend and colleague of Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father.

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Leslie Thompkins takes it upon herself to look after Bruce after the boy's parents are murdered, often acting with the family butler Alfred Pennyworth as a parental figure and guardian.

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Leslie Thompkins disapproves of Bruce's vigilantism, and feels partly responsible for his transformation into Batman, fearing that somehow she failed him as a role model.

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Leslie Thompkins has been linked to Alfred romantically on more than one occasion.

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Leslie Thompkins warns her that she is just another murderer in his eyes, and if she ever returned to the United States or practiced medicine again, he would bring her to justice.

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Leslie Thompkins gained the Cavalier as her bodyguard and has, along with Barbara Gordon, begun helping a former associate of the Teen Titans named Wendy Harris deal with the loss of the use of her legs.

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Leslie Thompkins appears, younger than she is usually depicted, in the pages of Red Hood and the Outlaws.

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Leslie Thompkins is featured in Jason Todd's flashbacks as the Red Hood: she took him in at her clinic in Gotham City after he was beaten within an inch of his life by Joker.

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At the offices of Gotham Child Services, Killer Croc makes a violent entrance, startling Leslie Thompkins and demanding that Jade be returned to him so that he can give her the things he never had.

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Leslie Thompkins admits that Jade has been returned to the Ibanescu family.

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Leslie Thompkins has a secret clinic set up in an abandoned building previously used as a base by Azrael, where she is treating his injuries from a bombing earlier in the story.

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Leslie Thompkins is shown to disapprove of Batman's plan to "get teenagers involved" meaning the team Batman and Batwoman had assembled in the recent Detective Comics.

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Leslie Thompkins was attacked and apparently killed after being infected with a variation of Joker Toxin.

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One of her patients is Guy Gardner; Leslie Thompkins tries to help Guy understand that his devotion to the city's children is just as heroic as his past exploits as Green Lantern.

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Dr Leslie Thompkins appears in several episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, voiced by Diana Muldaur.

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Leslie Thompkins is depicted as a lifelong friend of Bruce Wayne, having attended medical school with his father, Thomas.

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Leslie Thompkins knows Batman's secret identity and serves as his on-site doctor, confidentially treating injuries that Bruce Wayne could not be publicly known to have without raising suspicion.

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Leslie Thompkins says that she committed him to a mental institution as a child after he murdered his father, who was abusing her.

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The story is ambiguous as to whether the Joker is telling the truth, with Leslie Thompkins attributing the story to her habit of referring to various orphans she cared for in the past as her 'children'.

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