65 Facts About Tim Drake


Timothy Jackson "Tim" Drake is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman.

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In 2019, Tim returned to his original Robin persona and had a brief stint in which he used the mononym "Drake".

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Tim Drake was briefly followed in the role of Robin by Stephanie Brown, and later for a longer period by Batman's biological son, Damian Wayne, during the time Tim operated as Red Robin.

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Tim Drake has been shown to have a close friendship with Superboy.

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Tim Drake has had romantic relationships with superheroes Stephanie Brown and Wonder Girl, and more recently his former schoolfriend Bernard Dowd.

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In 2021, Tim Drake made his live-action debut in the third season of the HBO Max series Titans, portrayed by Jay Lycurgo.

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Tim Drake was named after Tim Burton, director of the then-upcoming 1989 film.

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Not wanting to make the same mistake as he did with Jason Todd, Batman had Tim Drake endure an intensive period of training that was never given to his predecessors.

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Tim Drake eventually transitioned from preadolescence to adolescence, becoming the third Robin throughout the storylines "Rite of Passage" and "Identity Crisis, " with all issues scripted by Alan Grant and penciled by Norm Breyfogle.

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Tim Drake contemplated the idea of fear, and overcoming it, in both the "Rite of Passage" and "Identity Crisis" storylines.

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Tim Drake is a more natural detective than previous Robins and is talented with computers, which allows him to stand in his unique spotlight.

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Unlike his predecessors, Tim Drake is not the most proficient combatant and has had to work on his fighting technique, taking up the bo staff to give him an edge that Batman does not need.

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Subsequently, Tim Drake became a prominent team member in the new incarnation of Teen Titans written by Geoff Johns, from 2003 to 2011.

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Tim Drake was the main character in the 26-issue weekly series Batman and Robin Eternal alongside the other former Robins.

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Meanwhile, a version of Tim Drake from five years into the future was a main character in the weekly series The New 52: Futures End; this alternate-future version of Tim Drake would become the title character in the subsequent Batman Beyond series up until its relaunch with DC Rebirth.

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Tim Drake subsequently received a story in DC Pride 2022 and his own Tim Drake: Pride Special before DC announced a new ongoing solo series written by Meghan Fitzmartin that will launch on September 27,2022.

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Tim Drake is the son of Jack Drake and Janet Drake, coming from the same social class as Bruce Wayne.

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Tim Drake made guest appearances in other DC comic books such as Nightwing and Azrael.

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Tim Drake was then given another redesign of the Robin costume with a red and black color scheme.

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Tim Drake, believing that Bruce is still alive, assumes the identity of Red Robin and leaves Gotham City to go on a worldwide search for Wayne.

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Tim Drake was approached by Ra's al Ghul's assassins, who were interested in finding out what happened to Batman.

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Tim Drake goes to Iraq and manages to discover definitive proof that Bruce was alive and lost in time, but was ambushed by an assassin from the Council of Spiders.

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Tim Drake manages to drive himself and Pru to Tam's hotel room, and they are promptly abducted by the League of Assassins.

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Tim Drake was put in charge of the League of Assassins by Ra and used the time to simultaneously plan how to stop the Council of Spiders and destroy the League of Assassins.

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Tim Drake calls upon all of his friends to protect the various targets.

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Tim Drake has since moved back to Gotham City and reestablished ties with his family and friends.

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Tim Drake remains the team's leader during their climactic battle against Superboy-Prime and the new Legion of Doom.

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When Tim Drake finds the Batman and gets rejected for the role of sidekick, he decides to bring the Batman to him, by hacking the Penguin's bank account and donating millions of dollars, thus putting his family in danger.

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Tim Drake's parents are forced to go into witness protection, but they believe Tim Drake deserves better and ask Bruce to take care of him for them.

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Tim Drake was unwilling to meet with the rest of the Bat-family at the Batcave after he was infected with the Joker's new compound "HA".

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Tim Drake was present when Damian was killed by the Heretic and admitted to Bruce that even though he had a dysfunctional relationship with Damian that he did grieve for him.

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Tim Drake was at the final battle between Batman and the Heretic when Talia killed her son's clone and blew up Wayne Tower.

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Tim Drake was part of the Bat-family's assembled team which went to Apokolips to retrieve Damian's body.

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Tim Drake dons the Batman Beyond suit and goes back in time and prevents Brother Eye from sending the signal to Earth-2, creating a new future where there is less destruction, and the events of Convergence and everything afterward takes place.

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Tim Drake is launched into the new future, 35 years later, where he becomes the new Batman and destroys a weakened Brother Eye.

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Tim Drake is primarily featured in Detective Comics as part of Batman and Batwoman's new team in Gotham, along with Orphan, Spoiler, and Clayface.

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However, just before Tim Drake was blasted by the second wave, he is teleported to an unknown place by Mister Oz and kept prisoner.

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In Mr Oz's prison, Tim Drake is forced to relive his memories of the past by Mr Oz.

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Unable to accept a future where he decides to become Batman, Tim Drake is forced to aid his older self in evading and containing a freed Doomsday.

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Tim Drake learns from his future self that Dick, Jason, and Damian all tried to be Batman, but either retired or was forced to be put down by Tim Drake.

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Tim Drake is incapacitated by his future self, as the latter decides to go back in time to kill Batwoman, the apparent cause of Tim Drake becoming Batman.

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Soon lost in the Multiverse, Young Justice struggles to return home, with Tim taking on the new identity of Drake during an attack by his Earth-3 counterpart.

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Overtime, Tim Drake's skills developed, his intelligence improving to a level where excel in computer science and a grasp of assorted scientific techniques, including biology, engineering, and genetics, which he has witnessed his attempts at re-cloning Superboy.

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Tim Drake is capable of speaking several languages beyond his native English, including Cantonese, Russian, Spanish and German.

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Tim Drake is considered a natural leader, having led teams such as the Teen Titans and Young Justice.

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Tim Drake wore a cape that was black on the outside and yellow on the inside.

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Tim Drake resumed the motif of a red and black costume when he took on the identity of the Red Robin.

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Tim Drake continued to use his bo staff and other assorted equipment.

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Tim Drake's costume is returned to a similar look as his original Robin costume consisting of a red torso, yellow utility belt, black pants, green short sleeves, gloves, and boots.

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Tim Drake has a new cape that is black on the outside and yellow on the inside, similar to the Robin cape.

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Tim Drake has replaced the bulkier arm guards with smaller arm guards with blades similar to Damian Wayne's Robin suit.

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Tim Drake's wife is revealed to have been aware of her husband's heroic and tortured past and implied to have met Tim and his former mentor at some point before he retires as Robin.

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Tim Drake is currently working as a communications expert, handling satellites and other associated technology.

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Tim Drake had difficulty accepting that he could ever adopt such brutal methods as the direct successor to Batman, who always maintained a strict policy against murder.

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Tim Drake tries lifting the Phantom Zone projector, but cannot because Superman placed a safety cap that weighs 100 tons.

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Tim Drake appears in the DC Bombshells continuity as a former prisoner of Katherine-Webb Kane's orphanage, where he and the others were forced to build robots for Axis supporters.

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Tim Drake is eventually rescued by the Batgirls, whom he joins afterward, wearing a baseball costume similar to his Robin costume on the mainstream Earth-0.

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Tim Drake assisted Terry McGinnis, who had come back through time to prevent the creation of Brother Eye.

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Tim Drake later meets up with Terry's brother Matt, who is angry at Tim for wearing his brother's costume and, in private, declares that he should have been the one who succeeded Terry as Batman.

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Tim Drake is then captured and placed in a detention center, where he meets Terry's friend Max Gibson and, to his surprise, Barbara Gordon.

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The future New 52 Tim Drake has been erased due to the timeline change; however, the Titans Tomorrow version of Tim Drake returns in his place, who goes on to become an anti-hero against the Teen Titans.

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In 2040, Tim Drake retired from his Red Robin days and is raising his three children.

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Tim Drake is killed off-panel, with his corpse left in the Batcave, and is later found and buried by Jason Todd.

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Tim Drake version of Robin is a supporting character in Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham series.

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Tim Drake is shown to be dating Barbara Gordon, whom he eventually marries.

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