12 Facts About Jack Drake


Jack Drake is a fictional character from DC Comics books, specifically the Batman titles.

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Jack Drake did stick around Gotham City long enough to meet a young woman named Janet, who would later become his wife.

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Worried that her son might be afraid, Janet was somewhat reluctant to attend, until Jack Drake suggested that they have their picture taken with some performers.

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In time, Jack Drake regained the use of his legs with the aid of physical therapist Dana Winters.

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Jack Drake fell into a deep depression, during which he began thinking more and more about his late wife, Janet.

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Jack Drake eventually recovered with the aid of what is believed to be a fabled Valkyrie who came to him, urging him to move on.

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Jack Drake, meanwhile, had been sent a gun by the same killer, in the hopes that Jack Drake would kill Boomerang and place him as the supposed murderer of Sue.

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Jack Drake shot Boomerang, who had stabbed him in the heart with one of his boomerangs.

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Jack Drake has not been seen or heard from since the destruction of that city.

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Jack Drake's body is eventually found in Metropolis near Hobs Bay, leaving Tim as an orphan under the custody of Bruce Wayne.

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Jack and Janet Drake appear in season 3 of Titans portrayed by Ryan Allen and Chantria Tram.

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Jack Drake is depicted as an African-American man and Janet is depicted as a Cantonese woman where they run an Asian restaurant in Gotham City.

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