11 Facts About OMAC


In JLA: Classified an all mechanical OMAC is an enemy of the Metal Men.

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OMAC used it to program his multiverse tuning fork and redirect its energy to where he needed it as part of his attempt to re-create Earth-Two, and in turn, a perfect Earth.

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Michael Costner is the last OMAC unit, kept as emergency backup, and Brother Eye calls to him.

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OMAC, aptly renamed ReMAC, appears to be "an iPod with its tracklist wiped".

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Dr Langstrom is unable to discern who ReMAC was before being infected by the OMAC virus; finding ReMAC a mere husk, devoid of any personal identity.

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OMAC's mind comes to reside in ReMAC, supplanting the missing personality of the drone for a while, until, due to the machinations of the villainous Simon Hurt, ReMAC is fed a malicious self-destruct code that blows it to pieces, making the restoration of Salah's consciousness impossible.

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OMAC is fighting King Shark and Kamo while Amanda Waller attempts to activate Belle Reve's failsafe through the Thinker's computer.

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An OMAC unit has access to archives on almost every metahuman on file, and can simulate countermeasures to the powers of a variety of superheroes and supervillains for the purpose of targeting the weaknesses of an opponent.

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The only weakness an OMAC has is that it is human beneath its shell, intended as a deterrent to prevent heroes from using lethal force against them.

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Atom Smasher was able to stop an OMAC that was attacking the JSA by stomping it before it could assess his threat level.

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ReMAC, the OMAC possessed by the Outsiders, has the same powers and abilities of a regular OMAC.

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