27 Facts About Amanda Waller


Amanda Waller is an antagonist and occasional ally to the superheroes of the DC Universe, occasionally described as a supervillain.

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Amanda Waller is the director for the deadly missions of the Suicide Squad and a specialist who oversees research into people with powers.

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Amanda Waller later served as Secretary of Metahuman Affairs under President Lex Luthor, before being arrested in the wake of Luthor's public fall from grace.

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Amanda Waller has been established as a widow who escaped Chicago's Cabrini–Green housing projects with her surviving family after one of her sons, one of her daughters and her husband were murdered.

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Amanda Waller excelled in political science and became a congressional aide.

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Agency was formed by Amanda Waller to serve as a small, quasi-independent branch of Task Force X Valentina Vostok brought former NYPD Lieutenant Harry Stein into the Agency as an operative.

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Amanda Waller later promoted Stein to the command position and demoted Vostok.

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Amanda Waller resentfully presumed the situation to be racially charged, related to not only her own status as a black woman, but Bronze Tiger's own skin tone, although the Tiger himself did not believe this was a factor, instead believing this was a result of mistrust due to the brainwashing imposed upon him by the League of Assassins.

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One of the field missions is against her will, as many members of the Squad, Amanda Waller included, are forcibly kidnapped and taken to Apokolips.

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Amanda Waller is eventually pardoned and released a year later to reorganize the Suicide Squad as a freelance mercenary group at the behest of Sarge Steel to deal with a crisis in Vlatava, Count Vertigo's home country; Amanda Waller allowed herself to enter prison because she knew two things perfectly well: one, by confronting the LOA with Squad operatives, she had crossed the line, and two, she would return to her position quite easily if she was ever needed again.

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Amanda Waller leads a multi-hero affair that results in the destruction of the alien parasites.

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Amanda Waller rejoins federal service, initially as Southeastern regional director for the Department of Extranormal Operations.

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Amanda Waller is promoted to Secretary of Metahuman Affairs as a member of the Lex Luthor Presidential Administration.

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Amanda Waller is released by Luthor's successor Jonathan Vincent Horne, who orders her to take command of the secret agent organization Checkmate.

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Amanda Waller takes the rank of Black King until the United States and United Nations decide what to do with that organization.

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Amanda Waller then is in charge of Operation Salvation Run, an initiative involving the mass deportation of supervillains to an alien world.

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Amanda Waller continues to run the Suicide Squad, and has been implanted with nanotechnology to allow her to directly control Chemo during missions.

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Amanda Waller is forced to pay towards repairing Smallville in return for her dealings in the AAB project to remain secret.

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Amanda Waller leads, as Chemo, an attack on a Dubai supercorp intending to release a deadly virus.

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Amanda Waller later attempted to forcibly return several members of the Secret Six into the Suicide Squad, and when her plan backfired due to the events of Blackest Night and the defiance of the Six, she was shot by Deadshot and privately revealed to King Faraday to be their new secret leader, Mockingbird.

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When Faraday questioned the need to be informed of the situation, and even the need to bring the Six under the banner of the Squad when she already controlled them, Amanda Waller merely shrugged it off, stating "her left and right hand only knew what the other was thinking" in a strict need-to-know basis, implying Faraday will one day need that knowledge.

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Amanda Waller was involved with Team 7 in some capacity while serving in the United States Army as a Captain, which led to her temporarily leaving the spy business.

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Also, this version of Amanda Waller is re-imagined as a young, thin woman in contrast with her original design.

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Amanda Waller's squad is successful in killing members of the group, except for Adam who is taken away by Nyssa al Ghul and Sara Lance in Nanda Parbat where he is executed by a member of the League of Assassins.

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Amanda Waller takes a woman to see him, before cutting him open to carefully dissect him.

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Soon, Barry Allen comes to rescue him, but Amanda Waller sent some drones after him, created by General Wade Eiling.

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In DC Comics Bombshells, Commander Amanda Waller is the head of the "Bombshells" project during World War II.

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