37 Facts About Rose Wilson


Rose Wilson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Rose Wilson is usually portrayed as a Teen Titans enemy and later a reluctant member, struggling to win the approval of her father, Deathstroke, being his illegitimate daughter.

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Rose Wilson is typically depicted as a apprentice to her father and later Nightwing for a time.

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Slade Wilson meets a Hmong woman named Lillian Wilson on a search-and-rescue mission a few years after his divorce from Adeline Kane.

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Rose Wilson's mission is to make sure that she escapes war-torn Cambodia safely.

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When Ravager kills Deathstroke's friends and family, Ravager discovers Rose Wilson, captures her, and tells her that Deathstroke is her father.

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Rose Wilson tries to reach out to her father, but he turns her away.

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Nightwing agrees to stay away from Rose Wilson on the condition that Bludhaven remained off-limits to the latest incarnation of The Society, of which Deathstroke is a charter member.

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Rose Wilson wears the same costume and wields two katana-style swords.

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When Kid Devil is injured during a mission, Rose Wilson defends him, and on multiple occasions threatens those she deemed a threat to him.

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Rose Wilson later admits to Kid Devil that she is afraid of being kicked out, should the old members return to the team.

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Rose Wilson denies the accusation, supported by not only Kid Devil, but Wonder Girl, who believes Rose would never go back to her father.

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Furious, Rose Wilson prepares to quit the team altogether until the team's caretakers Wendy and Marvin reveal to her that the traitor had stolen one particular object: the computer disk containing Jericho's essence.

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Red Devil tries to convince Eddie to let Rose Wilson die during the fight, so that she does not manage to betray them in the future.

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Rose Wilson is revealed to have survived the explosion by crossing the swords, creating a forcefield.

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Rose Wilson then follows the Terror Titans back to their base, saving Wonder Girl from Disruptor and Persuader.

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Rose Wilson decides to leave the Titans, using one of Clock King's teleportation devices to do it.

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Rose Wilson agrees to take part in one of The Dark Side Club's arena battles, fighting against Fever.

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Rose Wilson eventually discover that Clock King intends to use the mind-controlled teen heroes as his own "Martyr Militia" to destroy Los Angeles, entirely for his own amusement.

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Rose Wilson remains with the team up until the final battle with Superboy-Prime and the Legion of Doom, where she teams with Speedy to take down Persuader, one of her former teammates on the Terror Titans.

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Rose Wilson's origin is altered so that she is the daughter of Slade Wilson and his wife Adeline Kane, removing her Asian heritage in the process.

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Rose Wilson later reappears after the DC Rebirth relaunch, with her original Cambodian origin and mixed-race heritage now restored and both eyes intact.

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Rose Wilson is seen working as a strip club bouncer who moonlights as a teenage mercenary, and reunites with her father after someone puts a hit on her.

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Disillusioned with her already troubled relationship with her father, Rose Wilson instead decided to bond with her mother's family, seeking them out in Northern Vietnam, where she learned of the name her mother had given her, Xia before finding her mother's family in Minneapolis.

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Rose Wilson refused but, after learning that her new family was in actuality hired by Slade, accepted Hosun's proposal in order to spite her father, before she returned to Los Angeles for Joey's wedding to Etienne.

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Rose Wilson possesses increased reflexes, stamina, agility, speed, strength and heightened mental acuity.

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Rose Wilson has received some training from Nightwing, including the virtues of being a hero.

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Rose Wilson possesses a precognitive sense that lets her see into the immediate future.

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Rose Wilson currently wields twin energy katanas that can cut through anything except flesh, and briefly merge into an energy shield.

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Rose Wilson carries with her a small stash of adrenaline, both because Clock King had briefly managed to make her addicted to the substance, and because while high on adrenaline her precognitive sense evolves into the ability to glimpse scenes from her immediate future.

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Rose Wilson has anti-psionic powers, that make her immune to Jericho's possession abilities and Superboy's telekinesis.

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Rose Wilson had been bestowed a unique variation of the enhanced mind her father possessed; beyond the simple augmented brain percentage giving Deathstroke his genius intellect, Rose has an accelerated probability factor wherein she can predict the future via cataloging and assembling details in a highly accurate outcome assessment.

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Rose Wilson is a member of the Titans East and is in love with Bart Allen, then the Flash, who is spying on the evil Titans.

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Rose Wilson appears in Tiny Titans, although she does not go by Ravager.

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Rose Wilson wears an eye patch on her right eye and had an undamaged eye underneath.

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Deathstroke and his shipmate Jenny Blitz located Rose Wilson, who was being held captive on the Caretaker's fleet.

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Rose Wilson appears as Ravager in Smallville season 11, based on the show by Bryan Q Miller.

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