22 Facts About Ted Kord


Theodore Stephen "Ted" Kord is the second Blue Beetle, a superhero who was originally published by Charlton Comics and later picked up by DC Comics.

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Ted Kord was a genius-level inventor and a gifted athlete, sharing much more in common with the Fox original than did Charlton's earlier reimagining of the character.

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Ted Kord generally eschewed personal weaponry, except for a pistol that made a blinding flash of light and, additionally, a strong airblast to gain the advantage when he closed in for hand-to-hand combat.

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Garrett died and passed on the responsibility of the alter-ego to Ted Kord, but was not able to pass on the mystical Blue Beetle scarab.

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Ted Kord was short on money, leading to his entering "get-rich-quick" schemes with Booster Gold.

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Ted Kord was an important member of this new team known as the "Super Buddies".

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Ted Kord made several appearances in Birds of Prey, at first as Oracle's internet friend and later in person.

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Ted Kord had gone back to his company, but still had many, many problems with it; problems Oracle tried to help resolve.

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Shazam took the scarab upon encountering Ted Kord, fueling speculation about the possibility of the character's return during DC's Infinite Crisis series.

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Ted Kord later returned to the present with Skeets to help find Brother Eye.

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Ted Kord is able to successfully pierce the Supernova costume shields with a Black Lantern BB gun, and holds Supernova in place while beating Blue Beetle and staving off Skeets' attack until Booster Gold arrives.

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Lord gets restored to life and uses a device to amplify his own mind control powers to erase his own existence from the minds of almost everyone on the planet, and influences the superhero community into believing Ted Kord committed suicide, which enrages Booster Gold, one of the few who could remember Max's existence as Ted Kord's best friend.

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Lex looks up to see that Thomas Ted Kord is still alive, but dangling precariously from the helicopter's wreckage over a sheer drop to the street.

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Ted Kord tries to save him but Ultraman accidentally causes Kord to fall to his death.

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In DC Universe: Rebirth, Ted Kord is the owner of Kord Industries where he makes and designs technologies.

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Ted Kord is warned by Doctor Fate that he does not know what he's dealing with as the Scarab is not xenotechnology but magic.

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In Blue Beetle, Ted Kord is established to have been Blue Beetle some time in the past, having worked alongside other heroes such as Nightshade.

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Ted Kord had no superpowers; he possess a genius-level intellect, with an IQ of 192.

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Ted Kord was proficient in numerous sciences such as chemistry, physics, engineering, aircraft, and solar tech, as well as an understanding of alien tech.

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Former Justice League teammate Guy Gardner claims that Ted Kord was smarter than Batman, "although nobody ever noticed".

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Ted Kord was an Olympic-level acrobat and skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having studied in the martial arts of karate and aikido.

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Dick Grayson stated that Ted Kord was very adept physically, to the point where he was almost ambidextrous.

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