11 Facts About Arkham Knight


Arkham Knight is an alias used by two supervillains appearing in DC Comics media.

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Arkham Knight first appeared in the debut issue of the prequel comic book of the same name in March 2015.

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Arkham Knight is introduced as the mysterious leader of a vast militia of mercenaries who harbors a deep-rooted grudge against Batman.

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Towards the end of the game's main story, the Arkham Knight is revealed to be Jason Todd, the former and second Robin adapted from the mainstream DC Comics.

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Lead character artist Albert Feliu has stated that the Arkham Knight's design reflects his role in the game as well as his knowledge of Batman's tactics and fighting style.

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The Arkham Knight wears a high-tech, militarized version of the Batsuit with short antennas that resemble bat ears to mock Batman.

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Arkham Knight's suit has a distinct camouflage pattern of "dark greys interspersed with dashes of red [that] enable him to remain concealed between the gloomy shadows and garish neons of Gotham's alleyways and rooftops".

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When Batman attempts to rescue a captured Commissioner Gordon, the Arkham Knight reveals himself as Jason Todd, the former Robin who was tortured and seemingly murdered by the Joker, but was actually left traumatized.

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The Arkham Knight is defeated and vanishes after refusing Batman's offer to help him recover.

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The Arkham Knight is eventually revealed to be Astrid Arkham, the daughter of doctors Jeremiah Arkham, the nephew of the asylum's founder Amadeus Arkham; and Ingrid Karlsson, a kind-hearted woman well liked by even the most dangerous patients.

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Arkham Knight befriended the incarcerated supervillains and would sit outside the Joker's cell to read fairy tales with him, growing to idolize the knights in these stories.

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