22 Facts About Anton Arcane


Anton Arcane is a supervillain appearing in American comic books by DC Comics.

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Anton Arcane is the archenemy of the Swamp Thing, the protagonist of the comics.

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Anton Arcane was able to resurrect his deceased brother Gregori as the Patchwork Man.

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Anton Arcane is a skilled magician, which he is able to channel through his horrific experiments.

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Anton Arcane sought to use his scientific and magical abilities to transform his body into the Swamp Thing's form, while changing the Swamp Thing back into Alec Holland.

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At first very grateful to be human again, Alec soon overheard Anton Arcane discussing his evil intentions now that he could carry them out.

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Alec then succeeds in breaking the spell Anton Arcane cast, and sacrifices his humanity, so Anton Arcane becomes a frail old man again.

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Anton Arcane had been drinking heavily and wound up crashing his car, leaving him mortally wounded.

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Ultimately Anton Arcane managed to possess Cable's body, and with it gained access to Cable's godlike power.

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Anton Arcane combined his own magic with Cable's inherent psychic powers to alter reality and the employees of Blackriver Recorporations were the resurrected souls of deceased serial killers returned from Hell.

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Anton Arcane finally revealed himself, tormenting his niece and causing havoc and insanity by altering reality on a massive scale.

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Anton Arcane battled the Swamp Thing, accompanied by monstrous forms resembling Un-Men, after killing Abigail and condemning her soul to Hell, all the while declaring Earth as his.

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Anton Arcane next appears as a demon, having been promoted to this status by the Lords of Hell.

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Anton Arcane is tortured by the demon Josephine, whom he seduces into helping him escape.

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Anton Arcane reveals that when she was a baby she already had power over the Rot and she accidentally killed her by 'filling' her with the Rot.

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Anton Arcane says that when he touched it when she gave it to him, he became stronger than he had been in ages and he will escape and take revenge on both her and Alec Holland.

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Anton Arcane joins forces with the new realm of Metal, which promises him the power that he lost, and his power does grow greatly in this time.

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Anton Arcane only agreed to this if he was allowed to bind himself to Abigail forever, as seen when his left hand and her right are completely fused in a twisted embrace and when he calls her his "daughter-wife".

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Anton Arcane then tries to give up Abigail, but the Swamp Thing believes that there is enough life in her to let her survive and in the worst case, death is better than the Hell that she lives in.

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Anton Arcane possesses the knowledge of creating synthetic organs and skin, from those he made his Un-Men with.

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Anton Arcane initially wants to build a new body for himself and transfer his own consciousness into it so he could be immortal within its tireless form instead of in this normal aged, worn out one.

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Anton Arcane possesses many arcane artifacts, as well as necromancy, which enables him to control the dead.

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