8 Facts About Bobby Moore

1. World Cup hero Bobby Moore was treated 'scandalously' by the FA—and that is why they are trying to learn their lesson on Wayne Rooney.

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2. On 26 July 2016, Bobby Moore became the first footballer to be honoured with an English Heritage Blue Plaque outside his home.

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3. In 1983, Bobby Moore appeared in 8 games for the now-defunct Carolina Lightnin', after injuries left the club without cover.

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4. On 10 August 1970, Bobby Moore received an anonymous threat to kidnap his wife and hold her to a £10,000 ransom.

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5. At the end of the year, Bobby Moore was voted runner-up for the 1970 European Footballer of the Year award.

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6. On 29 May 1963, 22-year-old Bobby Moore captained his country for the first time in just his 12th appearance after the retirement of Johnny Haynes and an injury to his successor, Jimmy Armfield.

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7. In 1960, Bobby Moore earned a call up to the England Under-23 squad.

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8. In 1956, Bobby Moore joined West Ham United as a player and, after advancing through their youth set-up, he played his first game on 8 September 1958 against Manchester United.

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