13 Facts About Aca Lukas


Aleksandar Vuksanovic, better known by his stage name Aca Lukas, is a Serbian pop-folk singer and musician.

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Aca Lukas later toured throughout Yugoslavia with rock musician Viktorija and her band.

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Aca Lukas released his first album, Ponos i laz, in 1995, on which he started collaborating with song-writing duo Marina Tucakovic and Aleksandar Radulovic.

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Aca Lukas achieved more significant popularity upon his next two albums and stand-out hits like the 1998 Anna Vissi cover "Licna karta", which became his signature song.

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Aca Lukas held his first solo concert at the Pionir Hall in 1999, and then embarked on his first tour.

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Today, Aca Lukas is regarded as one of the biggest Serbian turbo-folk singers.

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Aca Lukas made a cameo appearance in the 2016 Serbian movie The Samurai in Autumn.

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Aca Lukas was married three times and has two sons and two daughters.

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In 2001 Aca Lukas admitted himself to a rehabilitation facility in Switzerland.

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Aca Lukas has been a vocal supporter of the President Aleksandar Vucic and has been known for making inappropriate remarks aimed at the opposing side, such as sending a death treat to popular talk show hosts Ivan Ivanovic and Zoran Kesic in April 2020.

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Aca Lukas subsequently apologized for his action in a manner that was perceived as insincere by the public.

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In June 2021, Aca Lukas released a memoir titled "Ovo sam ja", which was poorly received from the critical public due to his views and statements like those regarding the assassination of Zoran Ðindic.

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Aca Lukas made comments about the winning performer Konstrakta, saying: "I could have gone on stage and washed my legs, but I chose instead to perform, " claiming she is working for opposition political parties.

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