71 Facts About Anna Vissi


Anna Vissi, is a Greek Cypriot singer and songwriter.


Anna Vissi studied music at conservatories and performed locally before moving to the professional scene in Athens, in 1973, where she signed with Minos and simultaneously collaborated with other musical artists and released promotional singles of her own while studying at the University of Athens.


Since the 1980s, Anna Vissi began a nearly exclusive collaboration with songwriter Nikos Karvelas, to whom she was married from 1983 to 1992 and had one child with, resulting in one of the most successful music partnerships in the nation's history.


Anna Vissi experimented with different styles of music; after becoming one of the first Greek artists to introduce Western pop and dance elements into Greek laiko and entehno, she became one of the most prominent portrayers of the laiko-pop hybrid genre and culture that was thriving from the mid-1990s into the mid-2000s.


Since the late 1990s, Anna Vissi has made attempts at establishing a career abroad, most of which fell through and have had some negative repercussions on her domestic career.


Anna Vissi has won six Arion Music Awards, 15 Pop Corn Music Awards, and nine MAD Video Music Awards.


Anna Vissi has received 37 Platinum and 16 Gold certifications from IFPI Greece and has become one of the country's best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 10 million records worldwide and is one of the country's top earning artists.


Anna Vissi was born on 20 December 1957 in Larnaca.


Anna Vissi began singing from a very early age, starting her formal musical studies at the age of six at a local conservatory.


Anna Vissi collaborated with many important Greek composers such as Mikis Theodorakis, Georgios Hadjinassios, Doros Giorgiadis, Nikos Karvelas and Mihalis Terzis.


In 1980, Anna Vissi participated in the 25th Eurovision Song Contest representing Greece with the song "Autostop", finishing 13th with 30 points.


One year later her fourth, self-titled album Anna Vissi was released, reaching gold status.


In 1984, Anna Vissi left EMI Greece and signed with CBS Records Greece, which later became Sony Music Greece, a collaboration that lasted until 2013.


Anna Vissi described it as an "artistic achievement" in her career; however, the play received mostly negative reviews from professional critics and contributed to the relatively unsuccessful period Anna Vissi faced in the early 1990s.


In February 1996, Anna Vissi released the triple-platinum album Klima Tropiko.


In February 1997, Anna Vissi won three Greek Music Awards: Best Female Singer, Best Interpretation, and Biggest Airplay Song.


In March 1998, Anna Vissi broke a record, winning seven Greek Music Awards for her album Travma.


Later that year, Anna Vissi gave a charity concert at the Presidential Palace in Cyprus, with the presidential orchestra of the Russian Confederacy and continued with two concerts in London, in February 1999.


In New York City, Anna Vissi performed a mini-concert for her fans at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square.


Anna Vissi sang for the very first time her song "On a Night Like This", a song who turned world famous at the version record by Kylie Minogue and included in Minogue's album Light Years.


Anna Vissi filmed her first music video of a song off that single, directed by Antti Jokinen, that cost 80,000,000 drachmas.


The production and Anna Vissi's performance was received tepidly by critics and its commercial performance was mediocre.


In late 2002, Anna Vissi released the album Chi, which was produced by George De Angelis.


In May 2003, Anna Vissi performed with Nikos Karvelas and Irini Merkouri at "Boom" in Thessaloniki.


In September 2003, Anna Vissi gave another concert in Cyprus, at the Tzirion Stadium in Limassol, to celebrate her 30-year-old career.


Anna Vissi met and talked with the president of the Republic of Cyprus, in the Presidential Palace, in Nicosia.


On 31 March 2004, Anna Vissi performed in the Liberty Square in Nicosia, at a concert part of the celebrations for Cyprus's entry at the European Union, after an official invitation from the Republic of Cyprus.


On 29 August 2004, Anna Vissi performed at the closing ceremony of the XXVIII Olympiad, in Athens.


On 20 December 2004, Anna Vissi released a live album and DVD, which went platinum in its first week of release.


Anna Vissi then performed at the Copacabana in New York for the KTU PartyGras.


In July 2005, Anna Vissi returned to Greece and released "Call Me" as a CD single by Sony BMG, along with a new English-language song titled "Lie".


In that same month, Anna Vissi started recording her new Greek album.


On 27 September 2005, Anna Vissi released a new Greek album titled Nylon.


On 24 November 2005, Anna Vissi started performances at "Votanikos" club in Athens, Greece with Goin' Through, Dimitris Korgialas and Despina Olympiou, which lasted until March 2006.


Greek national broadcaster ERT chose Anna Vissi to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.


Greek viewers used televote and SMS messages along with a panel of judges to choose the song Anna Vissi would sing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.


The day after the final, Anna Vissi filmed the song's music video.


Anna Vissi then re-released Nylon as Nylon: Euro-Edition, which includes all of the songs from her album Nylon, as well as the entry song "Everything" in original, remixed and karaoke version.


Anna Vissi gave a concert at London's Royal Albert Hall on 27 May 2006.


Anna Vissi travelled to Australia with Konstantinos Christoforou and had three concerts in Melbourne and Sydney, and from 10 April 2007 through 1 May 2007, she toured North America.


Anna Vissi continued her tour in October 2007 with a European mini-tour.


On New Year's Day, Anna Vissi kicked off the new year by holding a large concert in Larnaca, Cyprus.


Anna Vissi spent a large portion of 2007 and 2008 recording her English album.


In February 2008, Anna Vissi signed to Maple Jam Music Group for the management of the release of her upcoming Greek and English albums.


Anna Vissi was the most nominated artist with thirteen music videos, and managed to secure the number one position with "Treno", while "Agapi Ipervoliki" came in at number four when the top 30 were announced.


On 28 June 2008, Anna Vissi posted the song "Diri Dakta", that had been recorded previously, on her official MySpace profile for her fans; the song did not appear on her new album.


Later in the year, on 4 October 2008, Anna Vissi held a charity gala at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.


Eleftheros Typos cited the album as a relative commercial failure and furthered the commercial decline Anna Vissi had faced in the 2000s.


Anna Vissi cited several reasons for this, such as Vissi's unsuccessful result at Eurovision and long absences from Greece in pursuit of a career abroad at a relatively advanced age, leading to her losing a portion of her established Greek fanbase.


Haris Simvoulidis of Avopolis alleged that on Apagorevmeno Anna Vissi appeared to be attempting to catch up to her contemporaries, Paparizou and Peggy Zina.


On 24 February 2009, Anna Vissi renewed her contract with Sony Music Greece.


Anna Vissi had originally planned to start appearances at "Athinon Arena" in February 2009, as part of her comeback and for promotion of the new album she decided to hold a concert in Athens during the summer, instead.


The tour ended with a concert at GSP Stadium in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 25 September 2009; overall, the tour was a success for Anna Vissi, who had not performed for the Greek audience in four years.


Anna Vissi started appearances at "Athinon Arena" on 6 November 2009 with Greek band Ble, Yiorgos Sambanis, Mario, Vera Boufi, Elissavet Spanou, Michalis Zeis and DJ Dim Trik.


Anna Vissi was on stage for almost 4 hours every Friday and Sunday until closing night on 20 March 2010.


On 9 October 2010, Anna Vissi released the single "Agapi Einai Esi".


In late December 2010, Anna Vissi launched a songwriting contest for amateur writers to submit songs to her, which lasted until mid-February 2011.


Anna Vissi released a documentary named "Oso Eho Foni" on Alpha TV on 30 March 2011.


Anna Vissi performed a charity concert at the OACA stadium on 15 April 2011 to raise money to save the amateur league Panathinaikos football team.


On 15 June 2011, Anna Vissi began the European Tour and the first concert was to take place in Limassol, and two days later, on 17 June, in Bucharest.


In September 2011 Anna Vissi performed a mini-Cypriot tour titled Etsi Apla, performing four concerts.


On 16 December 2011, Anna Vissi started appearing at club REX in a concert series titled "Dodeka" with Mairi Linta.


On 26 October 2012, Anna Vissi started appearing at club Kentro Athinon in a concert series titled "LAV" with Nikos Zoidakis and Demy.


In July 2013 Vissi gave three sold-out concerts in Cyprus The successful tour was called "Anna Me Pathos" and she visited Limassol on 27 July, Larnaca on 29 July and Nicosia on 30 July.


Anna Vissi gave a sold-out concert in London's Koko club and appeared in Brussels Bozar for a charity concert.


In November 2013 it was announced that Anna Vissi signed with record label Panik Records in its new label Panik Gold.


On 20 January 2014, it was announced that Anna Vissi was voted as the best female artist of the past 15 years from the audience of the no1 music station in Cyprus, Super FM.


The title of the new rock opera, the leading role of which would be played by Anna Vissi, was announced as I Kampanes Tou Edelweis.


The weekend before the release of the album, major radio stations in Cyprus and Greece held an "Anna Vissi Weekend" previewing exclusively the new songs.


Since 2015 and for five consecutive years, Anna Vissi held a successful residency in Hotel Ermou Club in Athens.


Anna Vissi met Nikos Karvelas in the early 1980s, and they were married in 1983.