101 Facts About Kylie Minogue

1. Kylie Minogue will be supported on the night by Clean Bandit.

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2. Kylie Minogue has told fans that she "can't wait" to celebrate love at this year's Brighton Pride.

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3. Kylie Minogue has a catalogue of 14 albums and will be supported during Saturday's Pride in The Park event at Preston Park by Clean Bandit.

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4. Kylie Minogue has record sales of more than £70m and Pride organisers called her an "LGBTQ icon".

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5. Kylie Minogue moved on from her split from Joshua Sasse with a new man—Paul Solomons who is the creative director of GQ magazine.

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6. In 2010, Kylie Minogue was one of a number of stars, which included her sister Dannii Minogue and Jennifer Aniston, targeted by a former postman, who sent lewd fan mail.

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7. Kylie Minogue was forced to call the police in 2003 when more than 700 letters were sent to her home and London offices.

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8. In 2003 Kylie Minogue received more than 700 threatening letters to her home and the West London offices of her record company.

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9. Kylie Minogue is currently in a relationship with GQ magazine creative director Paul Solomons.

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10. Kylie Minogue was "shaken" and believed to have since taken extra security measures.

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11. Kylie Minogue has two siblings: Dannii Kylie Minogue, who is an actress and singer; and a brother, Brendan Minogue.

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12. Kylie Minogue has for many years worked and lived in London.

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13. Kylie Minogue is a great supporter of various childrens charities including Childline and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

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14. In 1985, at age 17, Kylie Minogue scored a lead role in The Henderson Kids.

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15. Kylie Minogue started her career in entertainment as a child star in Australia with roles in The Sullivans and Skyways.

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16. Kylie Minogue's has sold more than 70 million records worldwide.

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17. Kylie Minogue's had a relationship with model James Gooding from 1998 until 2001.

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18. Kylie Minogue's spent a week in Thailand after the 2005 tsunami.

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19. Kylie Minogue has beaten her early detractors by inhabiting almost a dozen identities".

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20. Kylie Minogue's was named one of the "100 Hottest Women of All-Time" by Men's Health.

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21. Kylie Minogue's was constantly writing down words, exploring the form and meaning of sentences.

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22. Kylie Minogue said of her third album Rhythm of Love, from the early 1990s, "The songwriting is stronger, the production dynamic, and Kylie seems more confident vocally.

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23. In March 2014, Kylie Minogue released her twelfth studio album, Kiss Me Once.

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24. Kylie Minogue's was then featured on Taio Cruz's single "Higher".

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25. Kylie Minogue's was then appointed a Chevalier of the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, the junior grade of France's highest cultural honour.

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26. Kylie Minogue's co-starred in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special episode, "Voyage of the Damned", as Astrid Peth.

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27. Kylie Minogue's appeared in The Kylie Show, which featured her performances as well as comedy sketches with Mathew Horne, Dannii Minogue, Jason Donovan and Simon Cowell.

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28. Kylie Minogue's won four ARIA Awards including a "Most Outstanding Achievement" award, and two Brit Awards, for "Best international female solo artist" and "Best international album".

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29. Kylie Minogue's played a small role in the Australian-made Molly Ringwald 2000 film Cut.

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30. Kylie Minogue's had a minor role in the 1996 film Bio-Dome starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin.

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31. Kylie Minogue's was signed to a recording contract with Mushroom Records in 1987.

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32. Kylie Minogue was cast in the soap opera Neighbours in 1986, as Charlene Mitchell, a schoolgirl turned garage mechanic.

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33. Kylie Minogue took time off school to film The Henderson Kids and while Carol was not impressed, Minogue felt that she needed the independence to make it into the entertainment industry.

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34. Kylie Minogue's was appointed by the French government as a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for her contribution to the enrichment of French culture.

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35. Kylie Minogue's signed to record label PWL in 1987 and released her first studio album Kylie the next year.

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36. Kylie Minogue was eventually signed to Mushroom Records in early 1987.

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37. Kylie Minogue had not prepared anything so she got up on stage and performed a cover version of "Loco-Motion"—she was then immediately signed to a recording contract with Mushroom Records.

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38. In 1979, an 11-year-old Kylie Minogue was established as a child actress, appearing as a cameo actress in the TV series The Sullivans and Skyways.

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39. In 2014, Kylie Minogue released her 12th album Kiss Me Once and appeared as a judge on the third series of The Voice UK and The Voice Australia.

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40. Kylie Minogue returned to prominence in 2000 with the single "Spinning Around" and the dance-oriented album Light Years, and she performed during the closing ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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41. Kylie Minogue has achieved worldwide record sales of more than 70 million, and has received notable music awards, including multiple ARIA and Brit Awards and a Grammy Award.

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42. Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer, songwriter and actress who became recognized for her role in the Australian television soap opera Neighbours.

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43. Kylie Minogue made her debut with the album Kylie released on July 4, 1988 via PWL.

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44. Kylie Minogue has never been married, and she has no children.

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45. Kylie Minogue has been a fashion icon for years with her looks on the stage.

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46. Kylie Minogue was born on May 28, 1968, in Melbourne, Australia.

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47. Kylie Minogue was born in Melbourne to a Welsh immigrant mother and Irish-Australian father.

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48. Kylie Minogue had an interest in acting and singing since her early childhood age.

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49. Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer, songwriter, dancer and actress.

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50. Kylie Minogue credited Cave with helping her become more honest in her music.

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51. Kylie Minogue began appearing in more avant-garde British monthlies like l-D and The Face, rather than the teen pop magazines that had boosted her career in its initial years.

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52. Kylie Minogue sustained her status by releasing Fever, another hit album that remained in the dance-based disco vein of her previous album.

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53. In 2005 Kylie Minogue announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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54. Kylie Minogue played a character named Astrid in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special.

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55. Kylie Minogue was dating Michael Hutchence of INXS when she had to dye her hair blonde for her role in The Delinquents.

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56. Kylie Minogue has been around the block a few times.

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57. Kylie Minogue has dominated the charts in the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries for years, with more limited output in the United States.

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58. Kylie Minogue has been recognised with several honorific nicknames including "Princess of Pop" and "Goddess of Pop".

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59. Kylie Minogue will be bringing her Golden tour to Australia in March, 2019.

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60. Kylie Minogue was reportedly surrounded by more than 20 armed police officers carrying submachine guns, at her concert in Cologne, Belgium, on Tuesday.

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61. Kylie Minogue is currently performing in Germany as part of a wider tour across Australia and Europe.

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62. Kylie Minogue will be touring Australia for her Golden Tour, showcasing her most recent album Golden.

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63. Kylie Minogue was flanked by a large fleet of security guards at her concert in Germany earlier this week, after receiving a threat.

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64. In January 2011, Kylie Minogue received a Guinness World Records citation for having the most consecutive decades with top five albums in the UK, with all her albums doing so.

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65. In February 2017, Kylie Minogue confirmed the couple had ended their relationship.

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66. In November 2015, Kylie Minogue confirmed she was dating British actor Joshua Sasse.

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67. Kylie Minogue was in a relationship with model Andres Velencoso from 2008 to 2013.

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68. Kylie Minogue was reported to have been "saddened by false [media] accusations of [Martinez's] disloyalty".

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69. Kylie Minogue began a relationship with French actor Olivier Martinez after meeting him at the 2003 Grammy Awards ceremony.

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70. In April 2014, Kylie Minogue had launched a new campaign entitled One Note Against Cancer, which is a charity organisation to help cancer research.

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71. In 2008, Kylie Minogue pledged her support for a campaign to raise money for abused children, to be donated to the British charities ChildLine and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

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72. Kylie Minogue was acknowledged for the impact she made by publicly discussing her cancer diagnosis and treatment; in May 2008, the French Cultural Minister Christine Albanel said, "Doctors now even go as far as saying there is a "Kylie effect" that encourages young women to have regular checks.

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73. In December 2005, Kylie Minogue released a digital-only single, "Over the Rainbow", a live recording from her Showgirl tour.

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74. Kylie Minogue has been recognised with a number of honorific nicknames.

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75. Kylie Minogue is regarded as a gay icon, which she has encouraged with comments including "I am not a traditional gay icon.

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76. In March 2010, Kylie Minogue was declared by researchers as the "most powerful celebrity in Britain".

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77. On 23 November 2007, a bronze statue of Kylie Minogue was unveiled at Melbourne Docklands for permanent display.

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78. Kylie Minogue has been inspired by and compared to Madonna throughout her career.

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79. Kylie Minogue acknowledged this viewpoint, saying, "If you're part of a record company, I think to a degree it's fair to say that you're a manufactured product.

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80. Kylie Minogue has been known for her soft soprano vocal range.

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81. On 9 September 2018, Kylie Minogue became the first female headliner of Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park.

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82. In February 2017, Kylie Minogue signed a new record deal with BMG Rights Management which will release her upcoming album internationally.

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83. Kylie Minogue released her first Christmas album, Kylie Christmas in November 2015.

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84. In January 2015, Kylie Minogue appeared as a guest vocalist on Giorgio Moroder's single "Right Here, Right Now" providing her 12th number one hit on the US Dance Chart on 18 April 2015.

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85. In March 2014, Kylie Minogue released her 12th studio album, Kiss Me Once.

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86. Kylie Minogue's judging and personality on the show were singled out for praise.

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87. In the same month, Kylie Minogue was hired as a coach for the third series of BBC One's talent competition The Voice UK, alongside record producer and Black Eyed Peas member, will.

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88. At the time, Kylie Minogue held the third spot on the chart with "Higher", her collaboration with British recording artist Taio Cruz, becoming the first artist to claim two of the top three spots at the same time in the American dance chart's history.

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89. Kylie Minogue recorded a duet with synthpop duo Hurts on their song "Devotion", which was included on the group's album Happiness.

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90. In July 2010, Kylie Minogue released her eleventh studio album, Aphrodite.

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91. As part of the promotion of her album, Kylie Minogue was featured in White Diamond, a documentary filmed during 2006 and 2007 as she resumed her Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour.

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92. In November 2004, Kylie Minogue released her second official greatest hits album entitled Ultimate Kylie.

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93. In April 2002, Kylie Minogue embarked on the KylieFever2002 tour which became the biggest production she had put on to date.

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94. In October 2001, Kylie Minogue released her eighth studio album Fever.

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95. In September 2000, Kylie Minogue released her seventh studio album, Light Years.

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96. Kylie Minogue's signing with Deconstruction Records in 1993 marked a new phase in her career.

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97. Kylie Minogue's debut film, The Delinquents was released in December 1989.

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98. Kylie Minogue was sometimes referred to as "the Singing Budgie" by her detractors over the coming years.

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99. Kylie Minogue collaborated with Jason Donovan for the song "Especially for You", which peaked at number-one in the United Kingdom and in December 2014 sold its one millionth copy in the UK.

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100. Kylie Minogue won her second consecutive ARIA Award for the year's highest-selling single, and received a "Special Achievement Award".

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101. Kylie Minogue became the first person to win four Logie Awards in one year and was the youngest recipient of the "Gold Logie" as the country's "Most Popular Television Performer", with the result determined by public vote.

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