36 Facts About Pete Waterman


Pete Waterman is the owner of significant collections of both historic and commercial railway locomotives and rolling stock.

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Peter Alan Waterman was born in Stoke Heath, Coventry, Warwickshire.

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Pete Waterman was educated at Whitley Abbey Comprehensive School until he left in 1962 to work for British Railways.

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Pete Waterman became a steam locomotive fireman based at Wolverhampton depot.

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Pete Waterman noticed that the younger dancers preferred records with high beats per minute and this influenced his later work.

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In early 2009, Pete Waterman wrote the foreword to Staple's biography, Original Rude Boy, which was published by Aurum Press in May 2009.

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Pete Waterman then moved to Jamaica working with Peter Tosh and Lee Perry, and producing Susan Cadogan's reggae-crossover hit "Hurt So Good".

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Pete Waterman then set up his own company PWL in 1984, quickly signing producers Matt Aitken and Mike Stock, who produced the song "Whatever I Do" for Hazell Dean.

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Stock Aitken Pete Waterman became one of the most successful musical production teams of the 1980s.

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Pete Waterman felt the song unsuitable, and instead approached Keith Strachan.

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Pete Waterman co-wrote and produced with Mike Stock "That Sounds Good to Me" by Josh Dubovie, the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest entry for the United Kingdom, which finished in last place with 10 points.

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Pete Waterman co-presented The Hit Man and Her with Michaela Strachan.

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Pete Waterman has appeared as a judge on both series of Pop Idol in the UK, and Popstars: The Rivals.

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Pete Waterman returned as judge for the second series of Pop Idol, but was constantly critical of the eventual winner, Michelle McManus, and was openly disappointed when she won.

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Pete Waterman has since said he will not appear on any similar programmes in future, and has on several occasions attacked more recent talent shows.

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Pete Waterman has stated that he turned down offers to participate in The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and American Idol, citing fix allegations and being put off by unprofessional behaviour including that of Popstars: The Rivals co-judge Geri Halliwell during the show.

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Whilst he has kept his promise not to appear as a talent show judge, on 12 October 2008, Waterman joined his fellow ex-Pop Idol judges Neil Fox and Nicki Chapman on Peter Kay's spoof talent show Britain's Got The Pop Factor.

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Pete Waterman appeared in an advert by the National Blood Service in the UK, their sixth TV advert which features Carol Smillie and Will Carling.

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Pete Waterman was one of the contestants in the 2009 series of the BBC programme Celebrity MasterChef, but was knocked out in the first round.

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Pete Waterman was part of an all star audience during the auditions stage in Malibu at Simon Cowell's house, providing commentary critique behind the main judges, alongside Randy Jackson, Howie Mandel and songwriter Diane Warren.

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Pete Waterman wrote and produced the UK entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Pete Waterman has a keen interest in model railways, and is the founder of the model railway business Just Like the Real Thing, which specialises in O Gauge kits.

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Pete Waterman continues to retain an interest in the company and regularly accompanies its sales stand to model railway exhibitions.

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Pete Waterman has an extensive private collection of railway models and railway layouts, in O scale and larger gauges.

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Pete Waterman is currently building a large model of Leamington Spa railway station, in O scale and set in the 1950s.

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Pete Waterman has written several books and many magazine articles on the subject.

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Pete Waterman has said that his ability to become absorbed in making models helped him cope with grief after the death of his son.

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In 2007, Pete Waterman became involved in a co-operative UK rail industry bid to create a national railway training scheme under the then Labour government, which after the Government seed funding was withdrawn from all such schemes, was halted in 2009.

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Pete Waterman revealed in 2011 that he had since spent £900,000 of his own money on training apprentices at Crewe, and that outside Network Rail's own scheme, only 37 apprentices had been taken into the rail industry in 2011.

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In January 2015, Pete Waterman announced the sale of the bulk of his model railway collection, to fund the training of rail apprentices in restoring his steam locomotives 5224 and 5553, which in May 2015 were moved from Crewe to Peak Rail.

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In July 2015, in partnership with rail engineering firm OSL, Pete Waterman launched the Railway Exchange Training Academy at Crewe.

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In June 2009, Pete Waterman unveiled Breda LRV 1007s new name “East Lancashire railway” as a tribute to the Heritage Railway at Bury tram stop.

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In 2018, Pete Waterman became president of the Railway Benefit Fund, a railway benevolent charity based in Crewe.

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On 20 October 2021 during a High Speed 2 site visit Pete Waterman announced the name of one of the tunnel boring machines to be Dorothy.

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In 2001, Pete Waterman was made an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration by Coventry University for his services to the pop industry.

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In 2016, Pete Waterman was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Northern College of Music, making him the first pop musician to be given the award.

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