12 Facts About Howie Mandel

1. On January 12, 2009, Howie Mandel was reportedly sent to St Michael's Hospital in Toronto suffering from chest pains and what was reported as a minor heart attack.

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2. In October 2008, Howie Mandel revealed that he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on the morning talk show Live with Regis and Kelly, adding that he is currently working to raise adult ADHD awareness among the general public.

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3. Out of all judges on the show, Howie Mandel currently has the longest tenure than any other judge or host, nine consecutive seasons.

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4. In January 2010, it was announced that Howie Mandel would replace David Hasselhoff as one of the judges on NBC's America's Got Talent after Hasselhoff announced that he was leaving to work on a new television series.

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5. On March 12, 2018, it was announced that Howie Mandel will host the 2018 CNBC revival of the game show, and become an executive producer.

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6. In 2003, while Howie Mandel was deciding whether or not to quit show business, the executive producers at NBC asked him to host the show, but he declined many times.

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7. On March 31, 2011, Howie Mandel premiered a flash-mob show on Fox called Mobbed.

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8. On September 8, 2008, Howie Mandel began hosting a five-day-a-week syndicated daytime version of Deal or No Deal, with a top prize of $500,000.

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9. In the episode, Howie Mandel performed his old routine of inflating a rubber glove over his head with his nostrils.

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10. In 2007, Howie Mandel made an appearance in an episode of Sesame Street's 38th season.

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11. In 1994, Howie Mandel voiced the lead character, Little Howie, of the video game Tuneland.

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12. In 1987, Howie Mandel starred alongside Amy Steel in the comedy film Walk Like a Man.

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