71 Facts About Howie Mandel


Howard Michael Mandel was born on November 29,1955 and is a Canadian comedian, television personality, actor, and producer.


Howie Mandel voiced the character Gizmo in the 1984 film Gremlins and the 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch.


In 1987, Howie Mandel starred alongside Amy Steel in the comedy film Walk Like a Man.


From 1982 to 1988, Howie Mandel played the rowdy ER intern Dr Wayne Fiscus on the NBC medical drama St Elsewhere.


Howie Mandel created, voiced, and starred in the FOX children's cartoon Bobby's World.


Howie Mandel hosted the American NBC and later CNBC game show Deal or No Deal, as well as the show's daytime and Canadian-English counterparts.


Howie Mandel was born in Toronto and raised in the Willowdale area of Toronto, Ontario.


Howie Mandel is Jewish, and his ancestors emigrated from Romania and Poland.


Howie Mandel is a distant cousin of Israeli violinist Itzhak Perlman.


Howie Mandel's father was a lighting manufacturer and a real estate agent.


Howie Mandel attended William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, where he was expelled for impersonating a school official and hiring a construction company to build an addition to the school.


Howie Mandel was booked to open for David Letterman at shows in the summer of 1979.


Howie Mandel was one of the first "VeeJays" to appear on Nickelodeon's music video series PopClips.


Howie Mandel came to national attention in the United States during a six-year run on St Elsewhere, starting in 1982 and playing the role of Dr Wayne Fiscus, opposite Ed Flanders and Norman Lloyd.


Howie Mandel appeared on a week's worth of episodes of the short-lived NBC game show Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour in March 1984.


In 1985, Mandel made a cameo in the Michael J Fox directed short "The Iceman Hummeth," which was broadcast on Late Night with David Letterman in November 1985.


Howie Mandel performed his stand-up comedy act in several cities, which was followed by his Watusi music video in 1987.


Howie Mandel starred alongside Amy Steel in the 1987 comedy film Walk Like a Man.


Howie Mandel was "Maurice" in the 1989 movie Little Monsters.


Howie Mandel was the creator and executive producer of the Emmy-nominated children's animated series Bobby's World to which he supplied the voices of the title character and his father.


In 1994, Mandel voiced the lead character, Little Howie, of the video game Tuneland.


Howie Mandel starred in the sketch comedy series Howie Mandel's Sunny Skies in 1995 on Showtime.


In 1998, he hosted his syndicated talk show, The Howie Mandel Show, which was canceled after one season.


Howie Mandel plays his alter ego, Phil Skorjanc, in most of his comedy shows, which are a fan favorite.


Howie Mandel eventually gave up the routine under doctor's orders after being diagnosed with a perforated sinus.


Howie Mandel guest-starred in two episodes of Monk.


Howie Mandel is known for his frequent appearances as a comedian and for his hidden camera segments on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


Howie Mandel has appeared in many television commercials for Boston Pizza as their hired spokesperson.


Howie Mandel joins Alex Trebek, Jim Perry, and Geoff Edwards on the list of game show hosts who emceed one game show simultaneously in Canada and the United States.


In 2007, Howie Mandel made an appearance in an episode of Sesame Street 38th season.


Howie Mandel had a cameo appearance as himself on the NBC show My Name is Earl in the episode where Earl's roommates robbed an Indian casino at which Howie Mandel was performing.


Howie Mandel is a notable alumnus of Beth David B'nai Israel Beth Am's Hebrew School located in Toronto, as well as three other Toronto high schools.


On September 8,2008, Howie Mandel began hosting a five-day-a-week syndicated daytime version of Deal or No Deal, with a top prize of $500,000.


On January 9,2009, Mandel's reality show Howie Do It premiered on NBC.


On March 31,2011, Howie Mandel premiered a flash-mob show on Fox called Mobbed.


Howie Mandel appeared in one episode of the animated series Fugget About It as the voice of FBI Agent Rick Chickmagnet in 2013.


Since 2013, Howie Mandel has executive-produced the TBS hidden-camera show Deal with It.


Howie Mandel regularly makes appearances and co-hosts the show along with main host Theo Von.


In 2023, Howie Mandel competed in season nine of The Masked Singer as "Rock Lobster".


Howie Mandel was eliminated on "ABBA Night" alongside Debbie Gibson as "Night Owl".


In 2003, while Howie Mandel was deciding whether or not to quit show business, the executive producers at NBC asked him to host the show, but he declined many times.


Howie Mandel is one of three game show hosts to host the same game show in two different countries, the others being Donny Osmond for Pyramid and Anne Robinson for The Weakest Link.


In January 2010, it was announced that Howie Mandel would replace David Hasselhoff as one of the judges on NBC's America's Got Talent after Hasselhoff announced that he was leaving to work on a new television series.


Out of all judges on the show, Howie Mandel currently has the longest tenure than any other judge or host, spanning thirteen consecutive seasons.


In October 2021, it was announced that Howie Mandel will be a judge on the second season of Canada's Got Talent, which aired in 2022.


Howie Mandel has been married to Terry Howie Mandel since 1980.


On September 4,2008, Howie Mandel received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Comedy Central listed him as No 82 on their list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time.


Howie Mandel received a star on Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto.


In October 2008, Howie Mandel revealed that he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on the morning talk show Live with Regis and Kelly, adding that he is currently working to raise adult ADHD awareness among the general public.


On January 12,2009, Howie Mandel was reportedly sent to St Michael's Hospital in Toronto suffering from chest pains and what was reported as a minor heart attack.


Howie Mandel has written and published an in-depth autobiography which details his life with OCD, ADHD, and comedy called Here's the Deal: Don't Touch Me.


Howie Mandel is a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.


Howie Mandel contracted COVID-19 at the 2022 Kids' Choice Awards, which caused him to miss parts of the third, eighth, and tenth episodes, and the entire seventh episode of the seventeenth season of America's Got Talent.


In 2023, Howie Mandel unsuccessfully attempted to rehabilitate the reputation of Tom Sandoval after it came to light that he cheated on his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix.


Howie Mandel's anxiety affects him to the point that he does not shake hands with anyone, including enthusiastic contestants on Deal or No Deal unless he is wearing latex gloves.


Howie Mandel once kissed a female contestant on the show for good luck despite his disorder.


Howie Mandel now takes medicine to control his condition and even pokes fun at himself for it.


Howie Mandel stated that the lack of hair makes him feel cleaner.


Howie Mandel confronted his germophobia in Season 4, Episode 1 of the Comedy Central series This Is Not Happening.


In September 2007, Howie Mandel interviewed former NFL running back Marshall Faulk on NFL Network.


Faulk asked him to shake hands, but Howie Mandel refused, noting he would rather have the fist tap, as he does with Deal or No Deal contestants.


Howie Mandel pressed his X button at the beginning of the act and ran into an aisle until the act was over.


Howie Mandel kept yelling at the other judges, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne, to press their X buttons and for the audience to turn in his direction.


Morgan eventually pressed the X button, but Osbourne refused, so Howie Mandel promptly ran over and pressed her button, ending the act.


Howie Mandel dropped the floss in Mandel's vicinity, prompting him to get up and run to the other side of the judges' table.


Just before Sperry's next performance in the semifinals, Howie Mandel admitted that it was "the most horrified" he'd been on the show and that his therapist "loves [Dan Sperry]" because there had been two extra sessions that week.


Howie Mandel refused to give Olivier any feedback during the judge's voting process.


Under the post-hypnotic suggestion that Jones and the other judges were wearing latex gloves, Howie Mandel shook the bare hands of all involved, which elicited shouts of amazement.


Howie Mandel commented in 2011 that he has struggled with the condition since childhood but did not seek help until he was an adult:.


Howie Mandel started his charitable foundation called Breakout the Masks, which helps provide personal protective equipment to healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


Howie Mandel is involved in Bell's Let's Talk Day initiatives to help people struggling with mental health issues.