8 Facts About Gilbert Gottfried

1. In March 2011, Gilbert Gottfried made a series of jokes on his Twitter account about the earthquake disaster in Japan.

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2. At the 43rd Primetime Emmy Awards, Gilbert Gottfried made "an endless series of masturbation jokes" in reference to Paul Reubens' arrest for masturbating in an adult movie theater.

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3. In the late 1990s, Gilbert Gottfried met Dara Kravitz at a Grammy Awards party.

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4. In 2013, Gilbert Gottfried became a member of "Team Rachael" on the second season of Food Network's Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.

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5. In January 2009, Gilbert Gottfried worked again with David Faustino for an episode of Faustino's show Star-ving.

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6. In 2006, Gilbert Gottfried topped the Boston Phoenix's tongue-in-cheek list of the world's 100 Unsexiest Men.

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7. When asked how he prepared for the role, Gilbert Gottfried said, "I did the whole DeNiro thing.

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8. At age 15, Gilbert Gottfried began doing amateur stand-up in New York City and, after a few years, became known around New York as "the comedian's comedian.

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