12 Facts About Academi


In 2014, Academi merged with Triple Canopy, a subsidiary of Constellis Group.

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Later Academi was fully integrated into parent company and therefore now operates under the name Constellis.

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Academi says it is the largest training facility in the country.

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Academi consisted of nine divisions and a subsidiary, Blackwater Vehicles.

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Academi was the United States Department of State coordinator for counterterrorism with the rank of Ambassador-at-Large from December 2002 to November 2004.

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Academi was formerly the head of the CIA's Near East Division.

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Academi remained as chairman of the board but was no longer involved in day-to-day operations.

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Academi's facilities include a man-made lake, with stacked containers simulating the hull and deck of a ship for maritime assaults.

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Academi provides and maintains a "shoot house" system and patented the BEAR multi-target training system that was designed and developed by the company.

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Academi operates and markets its own armored personnel carrier, the Grizzly APC.

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Academi was one of five companies picked in September 2007 by the Department of Defense Counter-Narcotics Technology Program Office in a five-year contract for equipment, material and services in support of counter-narcotics activities.

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Academi pointed out that current and former executives have been regularly deposed by federal agencies.

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