13 Facts About Near East


Near East is a geographical term which roughly encompasses a transcontinental region in Western Asia, that was once the historical Fertile Crescent, and later the Levant region.

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The term Far Near East appeared contemporaneously meaning Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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Near East applied to what had been mainly known as the Levant, which was in the jurisdiction of the Ottoman Porte, or government.

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Near East remained popular in diplomatic, trade and journalistic circles, but a variation soon developed among the scholars and the men of the cloth and their associates: the Nearer East, reverting to the classical and then more scholarly distinction of nearer and farther.

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Nearer East is a term of current fashion for a region which our grandfathers were content to call simply The East.

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Near East's map delineates the Nearer East with regular lines as though surveyed.

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In 1894, Sir Henry Norman, 1st Baronet, a journalist, traveled to the Far Near East, afterwards writing a book called The Peoples and Politics of the Far Near East, which came out in 1895.

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The demise of the political Near East now left a gap where it had been, into which stepped the Middle East.

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The innovation of the term Near East to mean the holdings of the Ottoman Empire as early as the Crimean War had left a geographical gap.

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However, Near East continues in some circles at the discretion of the defining agency or academic department.

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The living Near East is primarily what the agencies each define as a matter of practice; often guided by their political leadership.

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Washington Institute for Near East Policy is a non-profit organization for research and advice on Middle Eastern policy.

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Ancient Near East is a term of the 20th century intended to stabilize the geographical application of Near East to ancient history.

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