11 Facts About Horton Smith


Horton Smith was an American professional golfer, best known as the winner of the first and third Masters Tournaments.

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The PGA Tour was founded in 1934, and Horton Smith was one of the leading players of the early years of the tour, topping the money list in 1936.

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Horton Smith accumulated 30 PGA Tour titles in total, the last of them in 1941, and his two major championships came at the Masters, at the inaugural tournament in 1934 and again in 1936.

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Horton Smith was a member of five Ryder Cup teams: 1929,1931,1933,1935, and 1937.

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Horton Smith was the only golfer to defeat Bobby Jones during the latter's Grand Slam year of 1930, at the stroke play Savannah Open in February.

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Horton Smith played in every Masters through 1963, the year of his death.

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Horton Smith served in the US Army Air Forces during World War II in the special services division coordinating athletics and was discharged as a captain.

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Horton Smith was president of the PGA of America from 1952 to 1954.

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Horton Smith died in 1963 at age 55 of Hodgkin's disease in Detroit.

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Horton Smith had lost a lung to cancer six years earlier, and is buried in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri.

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Horton Smith was the first of the former Masters champions to pass away, followed by Craig Wood in 1968 and Jimmy Demaret in 1983.

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