14 Facts About Jimmy Demaret


James Newton Demaret was an American professional golfer.

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Jimmy Demaret won 31 PGA Tour events in a long career between 1935 and 1957, and was the first three-time winner of the Masters, with titles in 1940,1947, and 1950.

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Jimmy Demaret reached the semifinals of the PGA Championship four times, but never made the finals.

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Jimmy Demaret was one stroke short of making the playoff for the 1957 US Open, at age 47.

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Jimmy Demaret's career declined in the 1950s, although he managed several key wins including the 1952 Bing Crosby Pro-Am.

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Jimmy Demaret's playing style was developed by necessity through the windy conditions of his native Texas.

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Jimmy Demaret favored a low fade on his longer shots; the method gave good distance and excellent control.

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Jimmy Demaret's skills were highly rated by his contemporaries; Ben Hogan, whose career overshadowed his, opined that he was the best player he had ever seen in windy conditions.

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Jimmy Demaret was known for his flamboyant personality, which he enhanced by wearing bright-colored clothing during tournaments; he had his clothes specially made, and became a fan favorite.

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Jimmy Demaret was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1983.

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Jimmy Demaret was one of the first Tour pros to become involved in golf broadcasting.

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Jimmy Demaret appeared as himself in an episode of I Love Lucy titled "The Golf Game" which first aired on January 27,1954.

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Jimmy Demaret died of a heart attack at age 73 in Houston on December 28,1983, as he was preparing for his daily ride around the Champions course.

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Jimmy Demaret was the third of the former Masters champions to pass away, preceded by Horton Smith in 1963 and Craig Wood in 1968.

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