22 Facts About Access Industries


Access Industries, Inc is an American privately held multinational industrial group.

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Access Industries attended Harvard Business School while running the company on the side, graduating with an MBA in 1989.

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In 2013, Rosneft acquired TNK-BP for $55 billion, with Access Industries selling its stake and Blavatnik collecting US$7 billion for his share of the oil venture.

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Access Industries purchased a large stake in the fashion label Tory Burch in 2004.

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In 2007, Access Industries purchased a majority stake in the sports media company Perform Group.

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Also that year, Access Industries became an owner in Acision, a software company focused on messaging systems.

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Access Industries has made a variety of contributions to political candidates in local, state and national elections in the United States.

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In May 2015, Access Industries launched Access Entertainment, a division headed up by former BBC Television boss Danny Cohen which specialises in investing in the entertainment media sector.

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Access Industries helped form the large aluminum producer SUAL 1996 with a combination of mergers and acquisitions.

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In 2005 Access Industries acquired Basell Polyolefins, a Dutch company specializing in polyolefins.

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The resulting company, LyondellBasell Access Industries, was impacted by the 2008 financial crisis, and in 2009 the US operations of LyondellBasell Access Industries filed for bankruptcy.

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Also since 2013, Access Industries has owned a significant interest in EP Energy, a North American oil and natural gas producer with a portfolio of fields in the United States and Brazil.

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Access Industries has a number of portfolio companies in the media and telecommunications industries.

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Access Industries owns a majority stake in Amedia, a large Russian film and TV studio known for shows such as Poor Nastya.

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Access Industries invested in Warner Music Group in 2004 with various co-investors.

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Access Industries owns AI Film in London, a film finance and executive production company established in 2013.

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Since November 2014, Access Industries has owned a majority stake in DAZN Group Limited, a sports media company which Access formed in 2007 by merging Inform and Premium TV.

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In May 2015, Access Industries Entertainment was established with the hiring of its president, Danny Cohen, BBC's former director of television.

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In December 2021, Access Industries Entertainment sold their stake in Bad Wolf to Sony Pictures Television.

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In 2015 Access Industries launched Access Technology Ventures, a venture and growth technology investment arm focused on pre-IPO "unicorns".

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Access Industries formed First Access Entertainment in October 2015, which focuses on talent development and representation in music, entertainment, and fashion.

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Access Industries owns a portfolio of hotels and other commercial and residential properties in the United States, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean, including:.

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