13 Facts About Acclaim Entertainment


Acclaim Entertainment, Inc was an American video game publisher based in Glen Cove, New York.

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Properties owned by Acclaim Entertainment were subsequently auctioned off to various parties.

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Acclaim Entertainment left Activision to join RCA Records, which was acquired by Bertelsmann and Fischbach found himself unemployed.

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Many of Acclaim Entertainment's products used licenses from popular comics, television series and movies.

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In 1990, Acclaim partnered with TV producer Saban Entertainment and distributor Bohbot Entertainment to launch Video Power, which subsequently went on air in the fall of 1990.

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Acclaim Entertainment had a motion capture studio built into their headquarters, making them the first video game company to have an in-house motion capture studio.

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Less significant aspect of Acclaim Entertainment's business was the development and publication of strategy guides relating to their software products and the issuance of "special edition" comic magazines, via Acclaim Entertainment Comics, to support the more lucrative brand names.

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Acclaim Entertainment enjoyed a long relationship with the World Wrestling Federation dating back to 1988's WWF WrestleMania.

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Acclaim Entertainment then picked up the license to Extreme Championship Wrestling and released two games for the company.

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Acclaim Entertainment suffered financial problems in 2004, the result of poor sales of its video game titles.

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In 2006, Throwback Entertainment purchased more than 50 of Acclaim's games, and vowed to bring such titles as Re-Volt, Extreme-G, Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance, Vexx, Fur Fighters and many other franchises into the next generation and beyond.

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Acclaim Entertainment's headquarters were sold to Anthony Pistilli of Pistilli Realty Group for $6 million in November 2004.

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In 1997, two years after its acquisition of Sculptured Software, during which it offered employees what looked like iron-clad contracts and stock that would be vested over the course of the contracts, Acclaim Entertainment terminated about half of the staff of the Salt Lake City studio, violating its own contract terms.

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