26 Facts About Saban Entertainment


Saban Entertainment, Inc was a worldwide-served independent American-Israeli television production company formed in 1980 by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, which was originally founded as a music production company Saban Productions.

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Saban Entertainment adapted various tokusatsu shows from Toei Company, including Power Rangers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, VR Troopers, and Masked Rider .

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Saban Entertainment has distributed and provided music for TV programs produced by other companies, such as The Super Mario Bros.

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Saban Entertainment was formed in 1980 as Saban Productions, Inc, which was initially a music production company.

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The first Saban Entertainment logo depicted a Saturn-like planet with "Saban Entertainment, " in a Pac-Man style font, going across the planet's ring.

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The next project produced by Saban Entertainment themselves is Macron 1, a compilation of various unrelated Japanese anime shows, and relies on pop music, which was picked up for syndication by Orbis Communications for the fall of 1986.

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Saban Entertainment hired Stan Golden from Horizon International TV to head their Saban Entertainment international distribution arm.

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In 1990, Saban entered into a partnership with video game publisher Acclaim Entertainment and syndicator Bohbot Entertainment to develop the program Video Power.

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Also that year, Saban Entertainment started Saban Entertainment Video, with distribution being handled by Video Treasures.

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In 1991, Saban Entertainment has struck a deal with home video deal Prism Entertainment in order that Prism would gave home video distribution rights and Saban International gaining international distribution rights.

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In 1992, Saban partnered with the Marvel Entertainment Group to produce an animated series based on Marvel's comic-book heroes the X-Men.

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At different times in the 1980s, both Loesch and Saban Entertainment had attempted adaptations of these shows, but had found themselves repeatedly rejected by other networks.

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Later on in 1992, Saban Entertainment formed a syndication subsidiary, Saban Entertainment Domestic Distribution.

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The $50 million development slate was unveiled, and David Goodman, formerly of Goodman Saban Entertainment Group was served as senior vide president of the company.

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Later in 1994, Saban signed a deal with A*Vision Entertainment to distribute cassettes under the Saban Home Entertainment and Libra Home Entertainment banners.

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In 1994, Saban Entertainment launched Libra Pictures in an effort to gear films for older audiences, while the Saban name was used for kid-friendly material, in a similar manner what The Walt Disney Studios and Touchstone Pictures would have to offer.

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Also in the same month, Saban Entertainment formed a new division, Saban Entertainment Enterprises International, to handle international licensing, merchandising and promotional activities under president Michael Welter.

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Oliver Spiner, senior vice president of Saban Entertainment International, took over operational duties previously handled by Welter.

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Also that year, Saban Entertainment debuted its first FCC-friendly series The Why Why Family.

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Shortly afterwards, Saban terminated its deal with WarnerVision, and decided that they would move itself to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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One portion of Saban Entertainment was renamed Sensation Animation on September 9,2002; this had been Saban's division for ADR production and post-production services for anime, and was created so that Disney could continue dubbing Digimon episodes.

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Saban Entertainment International Paris, later SIP Animation, was a television production company based in France that operated from 1977 to 2008.

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Haim Saban Entertainment departed the company in 2001 with the purchase of Fox Family Worldwide, which was followed by The Walt Disney Company taking a stake in the company and a name change to SIP Animation on October 1,2002.

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Saban Entertainment dubbed and or distributed the following foreign television series in English:.

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Saban Entertainment produced and or distributed the following live action TV series:.

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And, according to current North American rights holders, Walt Disney Studios Home Saban Entertainment had no plans to release these titles to DVD and Blu-ray, and as such, some of them instead aired on their sibling television channel, Disney XD and originally was on Toon Disney and ABC Family before the retirement of the Jetix branding in the United States.

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