16 Facts About Jetix


Jetix was a children's entertainment brand owned by The Walt Disney Company.

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The Jetix brand was mainly used for a slate of programming blocks and television channels, which aired action and adventure-related programming, most of Jetix's programming being composed from the Saban Entertainment library, airing both live-action and animated series, and it did air some original programming as well.

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Jetix was first launched as a programming block in the United States on Toon Disney on February 14,2004, to compete with Cartoon Network's Toonami block, and in Europe in April 2004.

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In January 2004, Fox Kids Europe, Fox Kids Latin America and ABC Cable Networks Group agreed to rename its then current operations under a single brand, called Jetix, which helped strengthen its then operations into a single force.

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The Jetix name was applied to its programming blocks which aired on ABC Family and Toon Disney, its television channels in Europe and Latin America, along with its programme library and merchandising.

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Jetix name was chosen after the company conducted international research specifically with a number of children's focus groups.

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Bruce Steinberg, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox Kids Europe, explain that Jetix would help strengthen Fox Kids Europe's partnership with Disney while building new alliances to continue to successfully leverage its programming library and distribution.

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Outside of the United States, Jetix was firstly launched as a programming block on the European Fox Kids channels in April 2004, airing in mornings and afternoons.

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Transition to the Jetix brand started in August 2004, with replacing the French version of Fox Kids, and at the same month, it was launched in Latin America.

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The very last Fox Kids channel in the world to be replaced by Jetix was the German version, which was closed in June 2005, ending the transition from Fox Kids to Jetix.

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New Jetix brand brought together the children's programming department at ABC's domestic cable networks, as well as Fox Kids in Europe and Latin America, in a joint programming alliance.

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In June 2008, Disney France announced that Disney Channel and Jetix would merge operations; at the time, Jetix was being affected by falling carriage rates and came close to leaving the CanalSat pay-TV platform in France after protracted negotiations.

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Jetix France was the first European version of Jetix to make the conversion to Disney XD on 1 April 2009.

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Jetix was primarily built upon Disney's ownership of the Saban Entertainment library, which included shows from Marvel Productions; action-adventure shows were the primary programming theme, though not all Jetix networks and blocks were necessarily limited to that genre.

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Jetix Animation Concepts was a brand used for animation co-produced by and for the Jetix global group by the ABC Cable Networks Group.

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Jetix Kids Cup was an association football tournament in which children from 16 countries competed to "promote fair play, sportsmanship and cultural exchange".

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