10 Facts About Ace Bailey


Irvine Wallace "Ace" Bailey was a Canadian professional ice hockey player.

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Ace Bailey's playing career ended with a fight he encountered during a game against the Boston Bruins; he was severely injured in the resulting scrum.

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Ace Bailey is the first professional sports player to have a jersey number retired in his honour.

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Ace Bailey led the NHL in scoring in 1929, and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1975.

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Ace Bailey played senior hockey in Peterborough for two seasons and in November 1926 was signed by the Toronto St Patricks of the National Hockey League, renamed the Toronto Maple Leafs in his first season with the team.

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Ace Bailey still helped Toronto win the Stanley Cup in 1932, scoring the Cup-winning goal in game 3 of the finals.

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Ace Bailey came out of a coma for the second time 10 days later, making a full recovery, but did not play professionally again.

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When he was assured that Ace Bailey would survive, league president Frank Calder suspended Shore for 16 games.

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Ace Bailey coached the University of Toronto Varsity Blues men's ice hockey team hockey team from 1935 to 1940 and again after World War II from 1945 to 1949, winning three Canadian Interuniversity Athletics Union championships.

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Ace Bailey worked as a timekeeper at Maple Leaf Gardens from 1938 to 1984, when the 81-year-old Bailey was told by Gardens owner Harold Ballard that his services were no longer needed.

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