37 Facts About Peterborough


Peterborough is a cathedral city in Cambridgeshire, east of England.

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Population grew rapidly after the railways arrived in the 19th century, and Peterborough became an industrial centre, particularly known for its brick manufacture.

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Peterborough was an important area of ceramic production in the Roman period, providing Nene Valley Ware that was traded as far away as Cornwall and the Antonine Wall, Caledonia.

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When civil war broke out, Peterborough was divided between supporters of King Charles I and the Long Parliament.

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Lord Exeter had opposed the railway passing through Stamford, so Peterborough, situated between two main terminals at London and Doncaster, increasingly developed as a regional hub.

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Norwich and Peterborough was formed by the merger of the Norwich Building Society and the Peterborough Building Society in 1986.

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In recent years Peterborough has undergone significant changes with numerous developments underway, most notably are Fletton Quays, a project to construct 350 apartments, various office spaces as well as a new home for Peterborough City Council with other projects within the development to include a Hilton Garden Inn hotel with a sky bar, a new passport office and various leisure, restaurant and retail opportunities.

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ARU Peterborough is not expected to receive its degree awarding powers before 2030 when a review will take place to determine its future as part of Anglia Ruskin University or whether it should become its own entity.

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Figures plotting growth from 1995 to 2004, revealed that Peterborough had become the most successful economy among unitary authorities in the East of England.

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In 1994, Peterborough designated itself one of four environment cities in the UK and began working to become the country's acknowledged environment capital.

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Until 2017, PECT organised a yearly 'Green Festival' centered around Cathedral Square, Peterborough, which benefited local artists and arts organisations through attracting Arts Council funding grants aided by arts facilitator organisation Metal.

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Peterborough has a business airport with a paved runway at Holme and a recreational airfield hosting a parachute school at Sibson.

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Peterborough Millennium Green Wheel is a 50-mile network of cycleways, footpaths and bridleways which provide safe, continuous routes around the city with radiating spokes connecting to the city centre.

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Peterborough is home to one of the largest concentrations of Italian immigrants in the UK.

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The current Bishop of Peterborough has been appointed Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Ely, with pastoral care for these parishes delegated to him by the Bishop of Ely.

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Peterborough has one independent boarding school: The Peterborough School at Westwood House, founded in 1895.

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Greater Peterborough University Technical College is a new education facility set to open in September 2015.

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Peterborough has a 13-screen Showcase Cinema, an ice rink and two indoor swimming pools open to the general public.

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Peterborough has recently been used as the setting in popular literature: A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka, A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon and, the first in a projected series, Long Way Home, a debut novel by Eva Doran.

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Peterborough United Football Club, known as The Posh, has been the local football team since 1934.

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Peterborough has a non-league club: Peterborough Sports who play in the National League North.

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Peterborough Phantoms are the city's ice hockey team, playing in the NIHL at Planet Ice Peterborough, located on Mallard Way in Bretton.

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The team, known as the Peterborough Panthers, have operated regularly in the Elite League.

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Peterborough is covered by six local radio stations and one regional station, though only two community stations broadcast from the city.

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NOW Peterborough is the local DAB multiplex; BBC National DAB and the national commercial multiplex, Digital One, are available in the city.

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Peterborough is in the Anglia Television transmission area for Independent Television, with a small studio in the city .

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Peterborough Telegraph is the city's newspaper, published on Thursdays and, until 2012, six days a week as the Evening Telegraph, with jobs, property, motors and entertainment supplements.

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The PT's sister paper, the Peterborough Citizen, is a weekly paper delivered free to many homes in the city.

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Peterborough has been used as a location for various television programmes and films.

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Peterborough Cathedral is one of the most intact large Norman buildings in England and is renowned for its imposing early English Gothic West Front which, with its three enormous arches, is without architectural precedent and with no direct successor.

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General layout of Peterborough is attributed to Martin de Vecti who, as abbot from 1133 to 1155, rebuilt the settlement on dry limestone to the west of the monastery, rather than the often-flooded marshlands to the east.

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Peterborough Museum holds regular temporary exhibitions, weekend events and guided tours.

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Peterborough is the birthplace of many notable people, the astronomer George Alcock, one of the most successful visual discoverers of novas and comets; John Clare, from Helpston, the nineteenth century poet; artist, Christopher Perkins – brother of Frank; and Sir Henry Royce, 1st Baronet of Seaton, engineer and co-founder of Rolls-Royce.

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Utilitarian philosopher, Dr Richard Cumberland, was 14th Lord Bishop of Peterborough from 1691 until his death in 1718; and Norfolk-born nurse and humanitarian, Edith Cavell, who received part of her education at Laurel Court in the Minster Precinct, is commemorated by a plaque in the cathedral and by the name of the hospital.

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Local businessman, Peter Boizot, founder of the Pizza Express restaurant chain and Deputy Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, has supported the cultural and sporting life of Peterborough and received its highest accolade, the freedom of the city.

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Chelsea Football player, currently on loan at Luton Town footballer Isaiah Brown, was born in Peterborough, before joining Leicester City and later West Bromwich Albion, becoming the second youngest player to play in the Premier League.

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Harry Wells a rugby union player for Leicester Tigers in Premiership Rugby was born in Peterborough and attended The King's School, made his England debut in 2021.

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