16 Facts About ACF Fiorentina


ACF Fiorentina, commonly referred to as Fiorentina, is an Italian professional football club based in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

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ACF Fiorentina have played at the top level of Italian football for the majority of their existence; only four clubs have played in more Serie A seasons.

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ACF Fiorentina is one of the fifteen European teams that played the finals in all three major continental competitions: the Champions League, the UEFA Cup Winners and the UEFA Cup .

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ACF Fiorentina are known widely by the nickname Viola, a reference to their distinctive purple colours.

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In 1950, ACF Fiorentina started to achieve consistent top-five finishes in the domestic league.

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In 1980, ACF Fiorentina was bought by Flavio Pontello, who came from a rich house-building family.

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ACF Fiorentina quickly changed the team's anthem and logo, leading to some complaints by the fans, but he started to bring in high-quality players such as Francesco Graziani and Eraldo Pecci from Torino; Daniel Bertoni from Sevilla; Daniele Massaro from Monza; and a young Pietro Vierchowod from Como.

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ACF Fiorentina bought two interesting players, El Puntero Ramon Diaz and, most significantly, the young Roberto Baggio.

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In 1990, ACF Fiorentina fought to avoid relegation right up until the final day of the season, but did reach the UEFA Cup final, where they again faced Juventus.

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The results were dreadful: ACF Fiorentina fell into the bottom half of the standings and were relegated on the last day of the season.

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ACF Fiorentina played well but struggled against smaller teams, although they did manage to qualify for the UEFA Cup.

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On 14 July 2006 ACF Fiorentina were relegated to Serie B due to their involvement in the 2006 Serie A match fixing scandal and given a 12-point penalty.

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ACF Fiorentina continued their struggles from the previous year, spending the majority of the season in lower midtable.

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ACF Fiorentina have had many managers and head coaches throughout their history.

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Tradition has it that ACF Fiorentina got their purple kit by mistake after an accident washing the old red and white coloured kits in the river.

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In 2006, ACF Fiorentina heavily invested on players, meaning the amortisation of intangible asset had increased from €17.

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