11 Facts About ACT UP


Seventeen ACT UP members were arrested during this civil disobedience.

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Women from ACT UP who had been having informal "dyke dinners" met with Dr Gould in person, questioning him about several misleading facts and questionable journalistic methods, and demanded a retraction and apology.

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ACT UP presented precise demands for changes that would make experimental drugs available more quickly, and more fairly.

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ACT UP protested the hospital one night in the 1980s due to its Catholic nature.

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ACT UP worked to find an end to the AIDS pandemic and to combat the extreme homophobia that gay men faced as a result of stigma and stereotypes.

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ACT UP protested the Fifth International AIDS Conference in 1989.

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ACT UP was organized as effectively leaderless; there was a formal committee structure.

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Note: As ACT UP had no formal organizing plan, the titles of these committees are somewhat variable and some members remember them differently than others.

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The most recent DIVA TV-genre video program documenting the history and activism of ACT UP is the feature-length documentary: "Fight Back, Fight AIDS: 15 Years of ACT UP", screened at the Berlin Film Festival and exhibited worldwide.

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ACT UP had an early debate about whether to register the organization as a 501 nonprofit in order to allow contributors tax exemptions.

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ACT UP chapters continue to meet and protest, albeit with a smaller membership.

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