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Ada Wong is a character in Resident Evil, a survival horror video game series created by Japanese company Capcom.

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Ada Wong was first introduced as a supporting character in the video game Resident Evil 2, and became a player character in Resident Evil 4.

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When Resident Evil 2 was still in development, Ada Wong was a white-coat-clad researcher named Linda who aided the player throughout the game.

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In retrospective, Kamiya feels that Ada Wong is a manipulative character, especially if interacting with Leon.

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Ada Wong was originally intended to appear in Resident Evil Village as a "mysterious masked person" who saves Ethan Winters from the trial, but was cut from the game due to "conflicting scenarios".

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Ada Wong is voiced by English actress Sally Cahill in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

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Ada Wong did not know anything about the games and the characters, but after learning about them, she thought that Ada's personality was "very much" like her own.

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An American woman of Chinese descent, Ada Wong is first mentioned in the original Resident Evil set in 1998.

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Ada Wong makes her first on-screen appearance in Resident Evil 2, set two months after the events of the first game.

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Ada Wong's next starring role is in Resident Evil 4 set in 2004.

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Ada Wong is dispatched for this mission alongside Jack Krauser who distrusts her and believes she is a threat to Wesker.

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Ada Wong enlists the help of the researcher Luis Sera who manages to steal a sample but is then killed by the cult's leader Osmund Saddler.

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Ada Wong is briefly captured and planned to be sacrificed but manages to escape.

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Ada Wong destroys the cult's battleship and the Plagas-mutated Krauser and aids Leon in various ways.

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Leon is able to free her, and Ada Wong provides him with a special rocket launcher to destroy a mutated Saddler before escaping with a sample via helicopter.

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Ada Wong appears in the game's sub-scenario "Assignment: Ada Wong", as well as in the "Mercenaries" mode.

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The fictional documentary "Ada Wong's Report" describes her involvement with other characters in the story.

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Ada Wong's campaign, designed to bring the answer to some of the game's mysteries, becomes available after the player finishes the storylines for the main characters Leon S Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jake Muller.

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Ada Wong appears as an enemy in another Resident Evil 2 spin-off game, the non-canonical Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, in which she is a playable character in its multiplayer "Heroes" mode.

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Ada Wong appears as a playable character in Resident Evil Re:Verse.

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The game series' Ada Wong appears in the second computer-animated Resident Evil film, Resident Evil: Damnation, set in an Eastern European war zone.

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Ada Wong appeared in the reboot film, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, as a mysterious spy, during a mid-credits scene.

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Ada Wong survives an accidental T-virus leak, escapes and realizes her feelings for Leon, deciding to quit the spy business and return to him.

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Canonically, the characters' story arcs are continued differently, as Ada Wong keeps the pendant with the G-virus and resumes her activities as a spy.

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Outside the Resident Evil franchise, Ada Wong made her first guest appearance in the browser-based social game Onimusha Soul, where she was re-designed to fit a feudal Japan theme.

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Ada Wong appears as a non-playable character in the tactical role-playing game Project X Zone 2.

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On March 1,2021, Ada Wong was added as a playable character in Teppen; before this, she was already featured in multiple cards within the game.

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Ada Wong appeared in an online multiplayer battle royale game Knives Out as a costume at July 29 to August 12,2021.

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Ada Wong appears as a playable survivor in asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight.

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In 2007, Ada Wong was listed among the 50 greatest female characters in video game history by Rob Wright of Tom's Games, who suggested she be played by Kelly Hu in the live-action Resident Evil series.

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Ada Wong proves that a person, man or woman, without loyalties is a person to be distrusted.

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Ada Wong enters battle with an unparalleled grace, too, and kicks some butt while she's at it.

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Unlike Jill and Claire, whose cleverness and puzzle-solving skills were well matched to intricate, booby-trapped mansions and police stations, Ada Wong's character has been molded to fit the Leon scenarios' faster-paced, shooter-style gameplay.

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Together with Leon, Ada Wong was included by Alexander Villafania in The Inquirers 2007 list of the most memorable video game love teams.

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Chinese audiences criticized Ada Wong, including character actress Li from Resident Evil: Retribution.

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Ada Wong engages with both the history of the masculine gaze in film theory and game studies, rooting her critique in a close investigation of Ada Wong as both a character and an avatar.

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Ada Wong goes on to say that the camera avoids displaying her face in order to protect her identity, but instead focuses on various body parts in a traditional male gaze montage, while Andrei Nae of Immersion, Narrative, and Gender Crisis in Survival Horror Video Games said that she is a match for the submissive woman-fatale character couple.

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Ada Wong went on to say that she is a femme fatale whose patriarchal disobedience demands regulation.

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