42 Facts About Adam Clayton


Adam Clayton has resided in County Dublin, Ireland since his family moved to Malahide in 1965, when he was five years old.


Adam Clayton's bass playing style is noted for its "harmonic syncopation", giving the music a driving rhythm.


Adam Clayton has worked on several solo projects throughout his career, such as his work with fellow band member Larry Mullen Jr.


Adam Clayton's father was a pilot with the Royal Air Force, who moved into civil aviation, and his mother was a former airline stewardess.


When he was 4 years old, Adam Clayton's father worked in Kenya as a pilot with East African Airways, the family being resident in Nairobi.


The Adam Clayton family became friends with the Evans family.


When he was eight years old, Adam Clayton was sent to the private junior boarding Castle Park School in Dalkey, southern County Dublin.


Not being sports-oriented, Adam Clayton did not enjoy the school or respond well to its ethos; he found it difficult to settle socially there.


Adam Clayton was interested in pop music, which students were not allowed to listen to.


Adam Clayton joined the School's "Gramphone Society", which met to listen to classical music.


At age 13, Adam Clayton entered the private St Columba's College secondary school in Rathfarnham, Dublin.


Adam Clayton's mother purchased a bass for him when he was 14 years old on the basis of a given promise that he would commit himself to learn to play the instrument.


Adam Clayton later changed school to the non-boarding Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, where he met future U2 bandmates Paul Hewson and Larry Mullen Jr.


In September 1976, Mullen put an advert onto the school's bulletin board seeking other musicians to form a band; Adam Clayton showed up for the first meeting and practice, so did the Edge with his older brother Richard Evans, Bono, and Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin who were two of Mullen's friends.


Adam Clayton stood in as the nearest thing that the band had to a manager in its early life, handing over the duties to Paul McGuinness in May 1978.


In 1995, after the Zoo TV Tour and Zooropa album, Adam Clayton headed to New York with bandmate Mullen to receive formal training in the bass; until then Adam Clayton had been entirely self-taught.


That album features one of the few instances where Adam Clayton has appeared as a vocalist; he spoke the last verse of "Your Blue Room", the album's second single.


Since the 1997 PopMart Tour, Adam Clayton has not sung live in any capacity for the band.


Adam Clayton has worked on several side projects throughout his career.


Adam Clayton played on Robbie Robertson's self-titled album from 1987, and has performed with Maria McKee.


Adam Clayton joined U2 producer Daniel Lanois and bandmate Larry Mullen Jr.


Adam Clayton played on Sharon Shannon's song "The Marguerita Suite" from her self-titled debut album, which was released in October 1991.


Adam Clayton was featured on Steven Van Zandt's 1999 album Born Again Savage.


Adam Clayton came round and started using words like 'action' and 'fret' and he had us baffled.


Adam Clayton had the only amplifier, so we never argued with him.


Adam Clayton relies on his own instincts when developing basslines, deciding whether to follow the chord progressions of the guitars or play a counter-melody, and when to play an octave higher or lower.


Adam Clayton cites bassists such as Paul Simonon, Bruce Foxton, Peter Hook, Jean-Jacques Burnel, and James Jamerson as major influences on him.


Adam Clayton has sung on some occasions, including on the song "Endless Deep", the B-side to the single "Two Hearts Beat As One" from 1983.


Adam Clayton spoke the last verse of "Your Blue Room".


Adam Clayton can be heard speaking on "Tomorrow " a song from U2's 1981 album October.


Adam Clayton plays the guitar on a few occasions, most notably the song "40", where he and guitarist the Edge switch instruments.


Adam Clayton plays the keyboards on "City of Blinding Lights" and "Iris ".


Two years later, at the age of 16, Adam Clayton asked his father to purchase a second-hand Precision for him when Brian Adam Clayton travelled to New York, as he felt he needed a better guitar to master the instrument.


Adam Clayton served as the best man in Bono's wedding to Alison Hewson in 1982.


Adam Clayton made the news in August 1989 when he was arrested in Dublin for carrying a small amount of marijuana.


On 26 June 2017, Adam Clayton received the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award at the MusiCares 13th annual MAP Fund Benefit Concert in recognition of his commitment to helping others with addiction recovery.


Adam Clayton remained a bachelor for several decades until his marriage in 2013.


Adam Clayton had a long-standing relationship with Suzanne "Susie" Smith, a former assistant to Paul McGuinness; they were engaged in 2006, but the pair broke up in February 2007.


In 2010, Adam Clayton fathered a son with his then-partner, an unnamed French woman.


On 4 September 2013, Adam Clayton married former human rights lawyer Mariana Teixeira de Carvalho in a ceremony in Dublin.


In 2011, Adam Clayton became an ambassador for the Dublin-based St Patrick's Hospital's Mental Health Service "Walk in My Shoes" facility.


In March 2005, Adam Clayton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of U2, in their first year of eligibility.