23 Facts About Adam Price


Adam Robert Price was born on 23 September 1968 and is a Welsh politician serving as the Leader of Plaid Cymru since 2018.

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Adam Price's father, Rufus, was a miner at Betws Colliery.

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Adam Price's parents were Welsh speakers, but raised their children to speak English; Price was taught Welsh as a teenager by his brother Adrian.

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Adam Price's parents were active in politics, starting a branch of Plaid Cymru in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire.

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Adam Price later studied at Cardiff University, gaining a BA in European Community studies in 1991.

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Adam Price unsuccessfully contested the Gower seat in 1992 winning 3.

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Adam Price was elected Member of Parliament for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr in 2001, holding the seat until he stood down in 2010.

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In 2002, Adam Price obtained a letter written by Tony Blair to the Romanian Government in support of Lakshmi Mittal's LNM steel company, which was in the process of bidding to buy Romania's state-owned steel industry.

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In 2004, Adam Price announced his intention to begin a process of impeachment against Tony Blair following controversy over the Iraq War, with the backing of Plaid Cymru and SNP MPs as well as Boris Johnson and Nigel Evans.

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Adam Price was ejected from the Commons chamber in 2005 after accusing the Prime Minister of having "misled" Parliament and then refusing to withdraw his comment, in violation of the rules of the House.

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In 2006, Adam Price opened a three-hour debate on an inquiry into the Iraq War, the first such debate in over two years.

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Plaid AM Bethan Jenkins agreed with Adam Price and called for responsibility for broadcasting to be devolved to the Welsh Assembly, voicing similar calls from Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond.

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Adam Price has been a long-standing opponent to the war in Afghanistan and put forward an Early Day Motion calling for a timetable for withdrawal.

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Adam Price has been critical of the strategy and objectives of the war.

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Adam Price returned to Wales two years later and helped form financial software firm Ideoba in Bridgend.

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Adam Price collapsed and subsequently went bankrupt after being unable to secure further investment.

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Adam Price had criticised the direction of the party under Wood.

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Adam Price proposed several new policies Plaid Cymru could adopt as part of his leadership bid.

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Adam Price suggested his party should use Wales's incoming devolved powers on taxation to put one penny on income tax for increased funding in the education system.

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In October 2018, Adam Price revealed that he had recruited the SNP's former deputy leader Angus Robertson to oversee a review of Plaid Cymru's campaign strategy.

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In January 2019, Adam Price spoke in favour of cooperation among the Celtic nations of Britain and Ireland following Brexit.

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In December 2020, Adam Price promised that his party would hold a referendum on Welsh independence if it won a majority at the 2021 Senedd election though any such vote would need the agreement of the UK government.

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Adam Price stated that he would form a government which would create a "fairer, greener future where our country thrives by taking control of its own affairs and unleashing its greatest potential - its people".

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