11 Facts About Adam Rifkin


Adam Rifkin was born on December 31,1966, and sometimes credited as Rif Coogan, is an American filmmaker, and actor.

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Adam Rifkin is best known for writing family-friendly comedies like Mouse Hunt and 2007's Underdog.

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Adam Rifkin attended the University of Southern California for one year before dropping out.

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Adam Rifkin then began writing scripts and collaborating with Brad Wyman.

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Adam Rifkin wrote Knucklehead for WWE Studios, starring WWE star Big Show, Underdog for Walt Disney Animation Studios, Zoom, starring Tim Allen and two films for DreamWorks, Mouse Hunt and Small Soldiers.

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Adam Rifkin wrote the unused draft of Planet of the Apes in 1988.

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Adam Rifkin was then the director responsible for New Line Cinema's Detroit Rock City.

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Adam Rifkin began his production career in 1999 on the production of Touch Me in the Morning by Giuseppe Andrews.

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Adam Rifkin began his acting career in 1989 his directorial debut Never on Tuesday.

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Adam Rifkin has appeared in small roles and cameos in his other films, Night at the Golden Eagle, Without Charlie, Detroit Rock City, The Dark Backward, Denial and Psycho Cop 2.

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Adam Rifkin wrote, directed and acted in the 2007 film Homo Erectus, in which he portrays a wimpy caveman called Ishbo, the main character in the film.

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