10 Facts About Adel Aref


Adel Aref was born on 2 March 1980 and is a Tunisian former international tennis umpire and former Director of Cabinet of the President at Paris Saint Germain Football Club and PR Director for BeIN Sports.

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Adel Aref began his career in umpiring after injury ended his ambitions of becoming a tennis player when he was 16 years old.

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Adel Aref progressed through the ranks quickly and achieved the elite Gold Badge status at the age of 24, the youngest person to do so.

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Adel Aref umpired games at the world's most prestigious tennis tournaments, officiating 30 events per year on ATP and WTA Tours.

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Adel Aref was young and the press were using everything against him.

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Adel Aref was involved the time at a tour event technology has been used by players to challenge a line judge's call.

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Adel Aref was responsible for training all of the tennis officials to Olympic standard in the lead-up to both the Athens and Beijing Olympic games.

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Adel Aref retired from umpiring in 2008 at the age of 28 following four years of officiating at the top level.

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In 2008, Adel Aref became the Director of Marketing, Branding, and Player Services at the Qatar Tennis Federation.

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QTF was set up to develop young Qatari tennis players and to promote tennis in Qatar, Adel Aref worked on events for the ATP, WTA and ITF in the tennis world.

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