101 Facts About Roger Federer

1. Roger Federer is clad in jeans of an Eighties hue and a khaki green shirt.

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2. Roger Federer remains at 20, Nadal has climbed to 17, while Djokovic has moved past the great Sampras into third place with 15 of these prestigious prizes.

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3. Roger Federer is said to have learned the piano after having sessions as a child.

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4. Roger Federer now wears Uniqlo on court and his sponsors no doubt hope he will compete at the Tokyo Olympics next year.

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5. Roger Federer is the face of Uniqlo after ditching Nike back in the summer.

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6. Roger Federer admitted at the ATP Finals last year in London that the new kids on the block will trouble the Big Three as a transition period kicks in.

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7. Roger Federer always said that his children love playing sports, including swimming.

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8. Roger Federer failed to defend his Australian Open crown last month after a shock last 16 defeat to Greek youngster Stefanos Tsitsipas.

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9. Roger Federer insisted to chair umpire James Keothavong that they should replay the point, a request that was denied, drawing the Swiss star's ire.

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10. Roger Federer was the oldest man left in the field and would have been the oldest quarterfinalist in Australia since Ken Rosewall at 43 in 1977.

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11. Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slam titles since his maiden Wimbledon triumph in 2003.

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12. In 2016, for the 14th straight year, Roger Federer was voted the atpworldtour.

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13. Roger Federer has regularly cited the influences of Australian coaches Peter Carter and Tony Roche in shaping his career.

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14. Roger Federer is keen to make the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo but for that he must play Davis Cup.

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15. Roger Federer has withdrawn his name from selection in recent years to focus on the ATP Tour.

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16. Roger Federer has never won gold at the Olympic Games but did lose the final to Andy Murray in 2012, held on Centre Court at Wimbledon.

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17. Roger Federer has won in Paris just once in his career, back in 2009, where he beat Robin Soderling in the final.

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18. Roger Federer has seen his Grand Slam record come under threat in recent times, with Djokovic closing the gap in emphatic style.

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19. Roger Federer won five consecutive US Open titles, which is the most in the Open Era.

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20. Roger Federer was ranked No 1 at the age of 36 and has won a record eight Wimbledon titles.

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21. Roger Federer became the first man to win twenty Grand Slam titles.

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22. In 2017, Roger Federer came back from his injury to win Wimbledon for the 8th time.

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23. Roger Federer is currently 36 and a senior in the tennis world.

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24. In 2016, Roger Federer sustained a knee injury that barred him from playing tennis for most of the year.

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25. Roger Federer owns luxury penthouses in cities across the world, including Dubai and Valbella, Switzerland.

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26. Roger Federer is an ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, so naturally he drives their cars.

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27. Roger Federer is good friends with the professional golf player Tiger Woods.

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28. In 2003, Roger Federer landed his first luxury watch endorsement deal with Maurice Lacroix.

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29. Roger Federer broke this record—a long time goal of his—at Wimbledon in 2009, and has continued to rack up Grand Slams.

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30. Roger Federer can play the piano; he took lessons as a child.

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31. Roger Federer was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1981 to Lynette and Robert Federer.

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32. Roger Federer has won the Grand Slam 19 times, and is poised to go down in history as one of the best tennis players the world has ever seen.

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33. Roger Federer is enjoying some down time with his family after competing at the Australian Open earlier this month.

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34. Roger Federer will be aiming to fare better at the French Open than he did at the Australian Open this month.

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35. Roger Federer is set to return to the French Open this year, after choosing to skip the Grand Slam in 2017 and 2018.

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36. Roger Federer has seen a significant drop in form over the last year and has crashed out of the last two Grand Slams in the fourth round.

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37. Roger Federer rented a home for his family to stay in when he plays at Wimbledon.

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38. Roger Federer played his first ATP Final in 2000 at the Marseille Open where he lost to his fellow Swiss player Marc Rosset.

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39. Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slam finals, played 30 finals, 43 semi-finals, and 52 quarter-finals.

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40. Roger Federer became the world number one on 02.02.2004 and retained the position until 17.08.2008.

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41. In 2015, Roger Federer was deemed as the world's most marketable sports start by London School of Marketing.

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42. Roger Federer entered the first Grand Slam tournament of 2017, the Australian Open, as the 17th-ranked men's player but shocked the tennis world by winning the singles title in an epic five-set final against Nadal.

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43. Roger Federer endured an injury-riddled 2013 season, and in 2014 he reached just one Grand Slam final.

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44. Roger Federer lost his number one world ranking to Nadal in August 2008, ending his record run of 237 consecutive weeks atop the rankings.

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45. Roger Federer continued to make history in 2007 when he won his fourth consecutive US Open, a men's record in the open era.

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46. In 2006 Roger Federer continued to be the game's best player.

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47. In 2005 Roger Federer's numbers were similarly remarkable, as he won 11 of 15 tournaments, including Wimbledon and the US Open.

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48. In 2003 Roger Federer won his first Grand Slam tournament title, at Wimbledon.

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49. Roger Federer competed at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, advancing to the bronze medal match.

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50. Roger Federer is one of my favorite tennis player and human being.

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51. Roger Federer played a total of 26 Grand Slam finals till now.

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52. In 2009, Roger Federer married his longtime girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec, a former Swiss professional tennis player.

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53. In 1997, Roger Federer completed the compulsory 9 years of school and decided that he would become a professional tennis player.

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54. Roger Federer always wanted to be the best player in the world.

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55. Until the age of 12, Roger Federer was involved in soccer, along with tennis.

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56. Roger Federer is a part of the first ever ATP singles final played between two Swiss players.

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57. In 1994, Roger Federer had his picture taken with Jimmy Connors during the Swiss Indoors.

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58. Roger Federer won 24 consecutive single professional finals between July 2003 and November 2005.

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59. Roger Federer beat Sampras in the fourth round of Wimbledon in 2001 in five sets.

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60. At the age of 14, Roger Federer became Switzerland's junior champion.

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61. Roger Federer turned professional in 1998 and won his first grand slam title at Wimbledon in 2003, becoming the first Swiss tennis star ever to have won a singles grand slam.

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62. In 1998, shortly before he turned pro, Roger Federer won the junior Wimbledon title and the Orange Bowl.

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63. Roger Federer held on to his No 1 ranking from 2004 into 2008.

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64. In 2009, Roger Federer married Mirka Vavrinec, a former professional tennis player.

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65. Roger Federer is listed at No 1 on the Forbes "World's Highest Paid Athletes" list.

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66. Roger Federer switched to a bigger custom-built Wilson 90 square inch head racquet in 2003.

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67. Roger Federer strings his racquets using Wilson Natural Gut 16 gauge for his main strings and Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L gauge for his cross strings.

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68. Roger Federer is often able to produce big serves on key points during a match.

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69. Roger Federer has a powerful, accurate smash and very effectively performs rare elements of professional tennis, such as the backhand smash and skyhook, half-volley, jump smash and an aggressive serve return known affectionately as SABR (Sneak Attack By Roger, a half-volley attack on an opponent's second serve).

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70. Roger Federer was the first non-American player to appear on the cover of the magazine since Stefan Edberg in 1992.

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71. Roger Federer won five consecutive US Open titles, which is the best in the Open Era.

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72. Roger Federer has held the world No 1 spot in the ATP rankings for longer than any other male player.

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73. Roger Federer co-founded the tournament in honor of tennis legend Rod Laver and the inaugural edition was played in 2017.

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74. Roger Federer is one of the founders, via his management company TEAM8, of the Laver Cup; the annual team tennis tournament which pits Europe against the rest of the world.

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75. Roger Federer has spent the most amount of time in the Open Era at the top of the ATP Rankings.

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76. Roger Federer has earned a men's doubles gold medal, and a men's single silver medal at the Olympics in 2008 and 2012, respectively.

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77. Roger Federer is the first men's singles player to have reached ten consecutive Grand Slam tournament finals and a total of 30 Grand Slam finals.

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78. At the 2014 Australian Open, Roger Federer reversed that result, defeating Murray in four sets in the quarterfinals.

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79. Roger Federer was ranked No 1 for a record 237 consecutive weeks beginning in February 2004.

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80. Roger Federer played his first singles match on day two, when he dispatched Sam Querrey in straight sets.

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81. Roger Federer is the most successful individual in Hopman Cup to date.

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82. Roger Federer won his third and second consecutive Hopman Cup title in 2019 alongside Belinda Bencic.

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83. In 2018, Roger Federer won his second Hopman Cup title and third overall for Switzerland.

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84. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Roger Federer was the clear favorite after claiming the world No 1 ranking earlier in the year and capturing the Australian Open and Wimbledon titles.

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85. Roger Federer skipped many ties over the years but often competed in the World Group Playoffs in order for Switzerland to maintain their place in the top division.

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86. Roger Federer defeated Denis Istomin, Dan Evans, and Taylor Fritz to reach the fourth round, where he faced 14th seed Stefanos Tsitsipas.

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87. Roger Federer was seeded third at the Australian Open, entering as the two-time defending champion.

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88. Roger Federer opened his campaign by retaining the Hopman Cup alongside Belinda Bencic, becoming the first player to win the mixed-gender event three times.

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89. Roger Federer paired up with Djokovic for the first time in doubles, losing their match against Jack Sock and Kevin Anderson in three sets.

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90. Roger Federer entered the US Open as the second seed but was upset by John Millman in the 4th round, citing extreme conditions of heat and humidity that took a toll on his body.

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91. Roger Federer announced that he would miss the clay court season, including the French Open, for the second consecutive season.

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92. Roger Federer beat Grigor Dimitrov in straight sets in the final.

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93. On 26 July, Roger Federer announced that he would miss the 2016 Summer Olympics and the remainder of the 2016 season to fully recover from his knee injury.

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94. Roger Federer made his comeback at the Monte-Carlo Masters, losing in the quarterfinals to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in three sets.

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95. Roger Federer was scheduled to return to action in Miami.

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96. Roger Federer started his season in the Brisbane International as the defending champion, despite having a virus when the tournament started.

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97. In December, Roger Federer announced that he would enter the 2016 ATP World Tour season with a new-look coaching team, having additionally announced that Stefan Edberg would not be travelling with him next year.

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98. Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in straight sets to win the Cincinnati Masters for the seventh time.

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99. Roger Federer played a flawless match to defeat Andy Murray in straight sets in the semifinals and advance to his 10th Wimbledon final in a repeat against Novak Djokovic.

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100. Roger Federer won his third title of the season at the inaugural Istanbul Open clay-court tournament, ending a title drought on red clay since the 2009 French Open.

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101. Roger Federer battled Frenchman Gilles Simon in his second Shanghai final, defeating him in two tiebreak sets and collected the 23rd Masters 1000 title of his career.

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