10 Facts About Adelaide Metro


Adelaide Metro is the public transport system of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

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Adelaide Metro began in 2000 with the privatisation of existing government-operated bus and train routes.

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Adelaide Metro has faced criticism for punctuality issues, "unreliable" services, ageing buses and incidents of severely coarse language, racism, and assault on some lines.

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Adelaide Metro received 7,562 feedback reports–more than 40 a day–in 2012.

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Adelaide Metro is a brand introduced in April 2000 following the second round of tenders privatisation of formerly government-operated bus services.

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Adelaide Metro removed almost all tramlines from the 1930s to 1958 leaving only the Glenelg line.

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TransAdelaide Metro retained three contract regions, Serco won two contract regions, and Hills Transit a joint venture between Australian Transit Enterprises and TransAdelaide Metro, one.

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The Adelaide Metro brand was applied across all transport operators, appearing to the public as a unified network, with common livery, timetable designs and a city Information Centre.

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Largest element of Adelaide Metro's public transport system is a fleet of diesel and natural gas powered buses.

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Adelaide Metro buses are split up geographically into six contract regions:.

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