18 Facts About Adult education


Adult education, distinct from child education, is a practice in which adults engage in systematic and sustained self-educating activities in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values.

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In particular, adult education reflects a specific philosophy about learning and teaching based on the assumption that adults can and want to learn, that they are able and willing to take responsibility for the learning, and that the learning itself should respond to their needs.

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The practice of adult education is referred to as andragogy to distinguish it from the traditional school-based education for children - pedagogy.

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Adult education that focuses specifically on the workplace is often referred to as human resource development.

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Adult education educators have long maintained commitments to racial justice and other forms of social justice struggle.

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Contemporary commitments to racial justice in Adult Education include initiatives in the workplace and beyond.

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Primary purpose of adult education is to provide a second chance for those who are poor in society or who have lost access to education for other reasons in order to achieve social justice and equal access to education.

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Also, the purpose of adult education can be vocational, social, recreational or for self-development.

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One fast-growing sector of adult education is English for Speakers of Other Languages, referred to as English as a Second Language or English Language Learners.

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Adult education pointed out that due to the constant development and change of social life and the surrounding environment, knowledge, and information are in a cycle of constant transmission, supplement and update, which requires people to keep learning to adapt to the changes in the outside world.

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Adult education insists that adult education is an inspiring life-changing tool.

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Adult education believes that the purpose of adult education is to give meaning to all kinds of experience.

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The basic function of adult education is to promote the physical and mental development of adult learners.

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Adult education argues that adult education is a powerful tool for social activists.

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Adult education can have many benefits ranging from better health and personal well-being to greater social inclusion.

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Adult education has been shown to have a positive impact on the economy.

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Some experts claim that adult education has a long-term impact on the economy and that there is a correlation between innovation and learning at the workplace.

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Global Reports on Adult Learning and Education are a series of reports that monitor progress on Adult Learning and Education, promote action, identify trends in the field of ALE, and explore solutions to challenges.

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