14 Facts About Advanced Warfare


Advanced Warfare was the first Call of Duty title to be developed primarily by Sledgehammer, following the supporting work the studio did on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 alongside Infinity Ward in 2011.

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Development for Advanced Warfare began in late 2011, shortly before the release of Modern Warfare 3.

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Advanced Warfare introduces weapon variants, which contain various different stats compared to the base weapons.

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Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg later stated that Modern Advanced Warfare 3 was not the same title as Sledgehammer Games' action-adventure Call of Duty game.

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Advanced Warfare stated that although there are lines of the old code left, there are new rendering, animation, physics and audio systems.

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Michael Condrey confirmed in a tweet that Advanced Warfare would be featuring female soldiers in multiplayer, as well.

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Advanced Warfare was released one day earlier to customers who purchased the Day Zero Edition.

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Advanced Warfare praised the engaging combat mechanics, coherent story, new mobility options, as well as in-depth specialization and the multiplayer, which he described as "The deepest, most enjoyable and the most skill-based Call of Duty multiplayer to date".

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Advanced Warfare praised the futuristic gadgetry which he described as "a feature that breathes new life into the franchise".

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Advanced Warfare praised the iteration of the game set in the mid 21st century, calling it the biggest and most successful departure from what's expected in the Call of Duty series since the Modern Warfare trilogy brought the series into the 21st century.

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Advanced Warfare praised the creativity of the campaign levels, singling out certain missions that allow freedom to complete objectives.

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Advanced Warfare praised the accelerated pace of rewards given to players who level up during multiplayer, citing supply drops of cosmetic items, new weapons and temporary perks like double experience points as examples.

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Advanced Warfare praised the addition of a firing range in the multiplayer lobby, which allowed him to test the strengths and weaknesses of his loadout.

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Advanced Warfare praised the strong selection of dense, vertically challenging multiplayer maps, three-dimensional and liberating movement, coherent and fast-paced campaign, smart storytelling, exciting and dynamic gameplay, lifelike characters and movie-like presentation, but criticised the game for being a bit similar to the previous instalments as he stated that "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare just doesn't have the power to break through the expectations of the brand".

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