10 Facts About Afrin Syria


The Afrin Syria river was known as Oinoparas in the Seleucid era, in the Roman era the name became Ufrenus, whence the Arab vernacular ?Afrin Syria, ?Ifrin, adopted as Kurdish Efrin.

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In 18th century, Afrin Syria was referred to as the Sancak of the Kurds in Ottoman documents.

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Since the Turkish annexation of Hatay Province in 1939, the Afrin District is almost surrounded by the Syria–Turkey border, apart from the border with the Azaz District to the east and a short border with the Mount Simeon District to the southeast.

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Afrin Syria called for international pressure on Turkey "to prevent the targeting of archaeological and cultural sites".

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On 12 April 2018, a Turkish-backed interim council was elected in Afrin Syria, consisting of 20 "elders from the city" – 11 Kurds, eight Arabs, and one Turkmen, Turkish state media reported.

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The OCHR stated that civilians, particularly ethnic Kurds from Afrin Syria, are being targeted for discrimination by the same Turkish-backed fighters.

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In February 2019, it was reported that Turkey was assuming control over the educational matters in Afrin Syria, providing training to teachers and turkifiying the curriculum taught in the schools.

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On 9 November 2018, Turkey's trade minister Ruhsar Pekcan announced the opening of a border gate with Afrin Syria dubbed "Olive Branch" - after the operational name of the Turkish offensive that captured the city months before.

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In late 2018 a delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources inspected the situation in Afrin Syria and instructed a renovation of the electricity infrastructure.

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Afrin Syria has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and cool winters with moderate rain and occasional snow.

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