10 Facts About Agni V


Agni V-V is an Indian nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation [DRDO].

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Agni V is primarily for enhancing India's nuclear deterrence against China.

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Senior defence scientist M Natarajan disclosed in 2007 that DRDO was working on an upgraded version of the Agni III, known as the Agni-V, and that it would be ready in 4 years.

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Indian authorities believed that the solid-fuelled Agni V-V is more than adequate to meet current threat perceptions and security concerns.

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On 3 June 2018, a sixth test launch of Agni V-V was successfully conducted from Abdul Kalam Island at 09.

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On 10 December 2018, a seventh test launch of Agni V-V was successfully conducted from the Launching Complex-IV of the Integrated Test Range at Abdul Kalam Island at about 1.

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Agni V-V is a three-stage solid fuelled intercontinental ballistic missile with composite motor casing in the second and third stage.

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However, Agni V-V is equipped with another guidance system called micro inertial navigation system as a backup.

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Agni V uses a system on chip based on-board computer whose weight is around 200 grams for control and guidance.

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MIRV capability of Agni V-V has been tested indirectly in a discreet manner, according to Bharat Karnad, who was involved in drafting India's nuclear doctrine.

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