33 Facts About Ahmad Rashad


Ahmad Rashad was the fourth overall selection of the 1972 NFL Draft, taken by the St Louis Cardinals.

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Ahmad Rashad was known as Bobby Moore before changing his name in 1973.

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Ahmad Rashad moved to the running back position and was named to the 1971 College Football All-America Team at that position.

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Ahmad Rashad became professional after being drafted by the Cardinals.

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Ahmad Rashad returned to playing as wide receiver, and played for the Cardinals for two seasons.

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Ahmad Rashad worked as a studio analyst, game reporter, and anchor for several sports.

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Ahmad Rashad has appeared as a fictionalized version of himself as a television sports personality in several films and television shows.

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Ahmad Rashad graduated from Mount Tahoma High School and accepted an athletic scholarship to the University of Oregon in Eugene.

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Ahmad Rashad played football for the Ducks under head coach Jerry Frei, became a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, and majored in elementary education at Oregon.

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Ahmad Rashad pleaded guilty to a reduced charge, a misdemeanor, in early 1971.

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Ahmad Rashad adopted his last name from his Egyptian-American mentor, biochemist Rashad Khalifa, with whom he studied Arabic.

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Ahmad Rashad moved to running back, where he was an All-America in 1971 — in the same backfield with quarterback Dan Fouts.

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Ahmad Rashad traded Rashad, as he was then known, after that season to the Buffalo Bills for backup quarterback Dennis Shaw.

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Ahmad Rashad missed the 1975 season after a knee injury in the final pre-season game.

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Ahmad Rashad was in the training camp of the expansion Seattle Seahawks, after signing as a free agent.

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Ahmad Rashad was traded days before the start of the 1976 regular season, sent to the Minnesota Vikings for a future draft pick.

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Ahmad Rashad failed the Vikings' physical, but was kept on the team due to the actions of quarterback Fran Tarkenton.

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Ahmad Rashad has the distinction of the longest play from scrimmage that didn't score a touchdown: 98 yards in a 1972 game against the Rams.

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Ahmad Rashad replaced John Gilliam as receiver with both the St Louis and Minnesota teams.

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Ahmad Rashad has hosted the video-clip show Real TV in 2000, the reality show Celebrity Mole, the game show Caesars Challenge along with co-host Dan Doherty, NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad on the ABC network, and the first season of Game Show Network's Tug of Words.

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Ahmad Rashad has guest starred on several TV shows, mainly ones that starred his then-wife Phylicia Allen Ahmad Rashad.

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Ahmad Rashad used to interview long-time friend Michael Jordan frequently while he was at NBC.

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Ahmad Rashad has narrated the yearly highlight films for NBA championship teams since 2012.

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Right before the launch of NBA Inside Stuff in 1990, Ahmad Rashad signed a two-day contract with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Ahmad Rashad was known for his athleticism, as evidenced by him playing multiple offensive positions in his football career.

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Ahmad Rashad became a multi-sport athlete, albeit 8 years after his retirement from pro sports.

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Ahmad Rashad knocked down the 20-foot shot and scored the first and only points of his NBA career.

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Ahmad Rashad has fathered a total of six children, including a son, Geoffery Simmons, born to his high school girlfriend Melody Neal.

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That year Ahmad Rashad fathered a son, Sean, born to another woman.

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In 1985, Ahmad Rashad married actress Phylicia Ayers-Allen, known for her work on The Cosby Show.

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Ahmad Rashad proposed to her earlier that year on national television during the pregame show of NBC's broadcast of the Thanksgiving Day football game, between the Detroit Lions and the New York Jets.

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Ahmad Rashad's has kept the name "Phylicia Rashad" as her professional one since their divorce in 2001.

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In 2016, Ahmad Rashad married Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz, a psychologist in South Florida.

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