11 Facts About Air Academy


The Goldwater Visitor Center, named after longtime proponent of the Air Academy United States Senator Barry Goldwater, is the focal point for family, friends and tourists visiting the Air Academy grounds.

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The Academy Airfield is used for training cadets in airmanship courses, including parachute training, soaring and powered flight.

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Interment at the Air Academy Cemetery is limited to academy cadets and graduates, certain senior officers, certain academy staff members, and certain other family members.

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Fourth-class cadets are expected to learn an extensive amount of military and Air Academy-related knowledge and have significant restrictions placed on their movement and actions—traversing the Cadet Area only by approved routes and interacting with upper class cadets using a very specific decorum.

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Air Force Academy is an accredited four-year university offering bachelor's degrees in a variety of subjects.

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Air Academy Force has ranked highest of all undergraduate-only universities in federally funded research as reported by the National Science Foundation, surpassing $60 million in 2010.

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Air Force Academy has a Cyber Competition team that operates under the Dean of the Faculty and the Department of Computer and Cyber Science.

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All cadets at the Air Academy take part in the school's extensive athletic program.

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The Air Academy has several club sports, such as rugby, that compete at an intercollegiate level outside of the NCAA.

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The Air Academy has an in-state rivalry with Colorado State University, which is located in Fort Collins and is a fellow member of the Mountain West Conference.

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Airmanship activities at the Academy are primarily conducted by the 306th Flying Training Group.

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