14 Facts About Air Coryell


Air Coryell won two consecutive division titles with the St Louis Cardinals, whose offense emphasized the pass while running the standard pro set.

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Air Coryell moved to the Chargers and reached the playoffs in four consecutive seasons that included three straight division titles.

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Air Coryell offense is based on Sid Gillman's offense that required the defense to defend the entire field.

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Air Coryell expanded on those principles by putting receivers in motion.

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Air Coryell's offense had more progressions than Gillman's, with backup options for screen passes and underneath routes.

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Air Coryell offense is a combination of deep and mid range passing and power running.

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Air Coryell offense introduced the concept of a tight end that ran wide receiver-type routes with Kellen Winslow in 1980.

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The Turner strain of Air Coryell offenses are still very reliant on a good receiving TE.

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Air Coryell is part decoy, as his unpredictable role forces defenses to keep an eye on him, thereby opening up other opportunities for the offense.

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Turner's take on the Air Coryell system turned around the career of Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman, and has proven to be very successful with talented high draft picks struggling with the complexities of the NFL, such as Alex Smith.

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Air Coryell's offenses are usually towards the top of the league standings, but are often labeled predictable.

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Air Coryell offense attacked vertically through seams, while the West Coast offense moved laterally as much as vertically through angles on curl and slant routes.

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The Air Coryell offense had lower completion percentages than the West Coast offense, but the returns were greater on a successful play.

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Air Coryell said the West Coast offense was developed out of necessity to operate with less talented players.

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