15 Facts About Air Greenland


Air Greenland has seven subsidiaries, an airline, hotels, tour operators, and a travel agency specialised in Greenlandic tourism.

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Air Greenland sacked its CEO Peter Fich, who had proven unable to balance Greenland Home Rule's demands for local Greenlander service with the board's for expanded tourism, lower fares and higher profits.

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Air Greenland opened a route from Copenhagen to Akureyri in Iceland; the service lasted for six years before finally being deemed unprofitable and ended.

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Air Alpha Greenland had operated helicopter flights in Disko Bay and in eastern Greenland.

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On 13 June, SAS announced its intention to sell its stake in Air Greenland, a move later incorporated into its restructuring programme, but as of 2012 it has not found any buyers.

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On 1 January 2010, Air Greenland suspended its participation in SAS's EuroBonus frequent-flyer program due to technical difficulties.

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Air Greenland's last remaining Twin Otter was sold in 2011 to Norlandair in exchange for cash and a one-fourth interest in the Icelandic company.

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In July 2015, Air Greenland became a member of the European Regions Airline Association.

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In 2016 Air Greenland sold its stake in the company to Royal Arctic Line, and since July 1,2016 the Arctic Umiaq Line has operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Arctic Line.

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The A330 was only used from Pituffik and Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen Kastrup, but in January 2017, Air Greenland had announced more commercial routes to be covered by the aircraft between Iceland and Greenland.

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Air Greenland operates helicopter flights to most settlements in Greenland on contract with the government of Greenland, with the destination network subsidized and coordinated by the Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure and Transport.

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The CEO of Air Greenland is Jakob Nitter Sørensen appointed in January 2017.

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Charter unit within Air Greenland is led by Hans Peter Hansen and employs 8 people, with 13 helicopters and 3 fixed-wing aircraft at its disposal.

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Air Greenland offers flexible and restricted economy class on all flights operated with fixed-wing aircraft, with complimentary snacks and drinks.

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Air Greenland publishes a quarterly Suluk in-flight magazine, with general information about current political and cultural events in Greenland and with news from the airline.

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