23 Facts About Ajay Banga

1. Ajay Banga made Lyons, seen as a star within the company, MasterCard's chief innovation officer.

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2. Ajay Banga believes the key to getting consumers to reach for MasterCard instead of Visa lies in offering technology that makes the purchase experience smoother for customers and merchants.

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3. Ajay Banga faces two big hurdles: to get customers to choose credit over cash, and when they do, to get them to choose MasterCard.

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4. Ajay Banga is hardly a native technology CEO—a consumer products lifer, he cut his teeth at Nestle in India before jumping to PepsiCo's restaurant division and then to Citibank—but to hear him talk philosophically about a "world beyond cash", he sounds more like a Silicon Valley futurist than a payment-processing executive.

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5. Ajay Banga told the audience that Mastercard was using data to inform its clients how they can improve top-line business.

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6. Ajay Banga brought up the recent indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers who meddled in the 2016 elections in an effort to elect Donald Trump.

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7. Ajay Banga was responding to a question about cryptocurrencies during an event called the "New India Lecture".

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8. Ajay Banga referred to the sensitive subjects for India: terrorism and drug distribution.

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9. Ajay Banga made an aggressive statement on his attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

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10. Ajay Banga said localising data will hinder companies from sharing their learnings across markets.

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11. Ajay Banga would be responsible for business operations including customer relationships globally and US markets, products, services, marketing, technology and operations.

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12. Ajay Banga is a well known and reputed name in the business world.

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13. Ajay Banga has completed his graduation in Economics from "St Stephen College" from Delhi city and after graduation he enrolled for MBA in IIM.

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14. Ajay Banga said global investment sentiment on India had turned positive after the Narendra Modi government took over in 2014.

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15. Ajay Banga is one of the nine members of the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity appointed by Obama, a White House announcement said.

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16. Ajay Banga met Modi in his capacity as chairman of US India Business Council, the apex business advocacy group of American businesses having footprint in India.

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17. Ajay Banga is president and chief executive officer of Mastercard and a member of its board of directors.

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18. Ajay Banga worked at Citigroup where he was the CEO of the Asia Pacific region and oversaw the bank's efforts in microfinance.

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19. Ajay Banga said for India to generate a million jobs a month, it needs a combination of manufacturing, tourism and infrastructure.

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20. Ajay Banga joined the elite club of top 100 CEOs at a time when the Harvard Business Review, apart from considering hard stock market numbers, looked at the environmental, social and governance performance of a company since a CEO took over.

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21. The company announced that Ajay Banga would become a member of the Board of Directors, effective immediately.

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22. Ajay Banga is a regular speaker at various FinTech conferences and various leadership conferences.

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23. Ajay Banga was vice chairman of the board of trustees of the New York Hall of Science and a board member of the National Urban League.

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