12 Facts About Akash missile


The Akash missile system is fully mobile and capable of protecting a moving convoy of vehicles.

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The Indian military's combined orders of the Akash missile, including radar systems, have a total worth of ?28,800 crore.

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Design of the Akash missile is somewhat similar to that of the SA-6 with four long tube ramjet inlet ducts mounted mid-body between wings.

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Composite technology for Akash missile includes radome assemblies, booster liners, ablative liners, sustainer liners, compression molded wings and fins.

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Akash missile has certain unique characteristics like mobility, all-the-way-powered flight till target interception, multiple target handling, digitally-coded command guidance and fully automatic operation.

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Akash missile-1S was fired five times against multiple targets and successfully completed the trials.

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The Akash missile is equipped with an improved active radio-frequency seeker to further increase the accuracy.

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Akash missile Prime is optimized for low temperature and high altitude operations with modified ground system.

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Each missile is expected to have starting costs below US$500,000 i e under ?2 crore which is less than half the cost of similar Western missiles which usually cost between US$1.

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On 3 March 2012, the Akash missile was officially inducted into Indian Air force at function at Hyderabad.

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On 28 January 2016, the Akash missile was successfully test fired from complex-3 of the Integrated Test Range at Chandipuri in Odisha.

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On 3 December 2020, the Indian Air Force carried out 10 Akash missile firing at Suryalanka to bolster its capability among ongoing Indo-Sino border tension.

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